10 Ways to Increase Visitor On-Page Time and Drop Your Bounce Rate

Do you have recently checked analytics of your website? What does it says? If the conversion rate is less than your desired then it might be the bounce rate that is lowering you in the market. It seems that visitors visit your site land on your homepage but don’t give you enough time convert them. Feeling bad? Don’t be since the task is quite simple in nature and pretty good in generating results. The average bounce rate of your site is below 34% then it is high time you need to work on it.

10 Ways to Increase Visitor On-Page Time and Drop Your Bounce Rate

1.  Improve the Content and Design

You might be looing the potential clients due to worse presentation of your resources or lack of quality content. The part of user experience is readability and legibility of content. If your content fails to attract the visitors they will certainly move to another one.

When the issue comes to design you should keep an eye to lot of others factor like the unpleasant stock images, too many pop ups, odd typography, bad combination of color, difficult navigation.

Some tips to make the content more presentable:

>> Bold heading for title

>> Subheadings to throw more light

>> Use bullet point

>> Use chart and images if needed

Some tips to manage you design:

>> Avoid Popups

>> Simple and attractive typography

>> Use professional color

>> Use attractive Images

2.  Increase Visitors On-Page Time

Don’t be happy only with the statistical data about the engagement of visitors with your page rather always try to make it more intensive. As the visitors spend much time on your site you, visit more pages then it more likely they are converting.

3.  Improve Your Brand Storytelling

To capture the attention of your target audience you need to convince them with captive story. Felling confused? Literally you need to decorate the site in a way that tells a story. Therefore think again how can you make your content and design more acceptable to others. A more impressive attribute could change the story all along.

4.  Manage Speed of Loading

Lethargic speed is another barrier that affects the bounce rate greatly. You lose your conversion rate by 7% for each extra second you need to load a site. The shocking news is about 57% of the buyers leave site if it takes more than three second to load.

5.  Renovate Menu Pattern

If the visitors move away from the pre-determined path then the problem may be the navigation that you need to shape. You have work a lot to make the navigation straight for your visitors. It should be much simpler so redesigning of the navigation is a pretty nice way to improve the bounce rate. Placing pages in logical order within the menu let you present the content of your site in better way.

6.  Optimize Images Of your site
The first thing to be kept in mind those images is unavoidable part of any website which actually tells lot of things without saying anything. Optimizing images comprise choosing quality images and compression of selected images. Using unique and premium images is better for getting more attention from the visitors. However, free stock images could be good one if they are optimized properly.

7.  Don’t Disrupt the UX

Most of the visitors hates irrelevant images, pop up or adds on the pages where they are actually for important resources and it directly affect the user experience of your site. So try to avoid using unnecessary elements on your site which actually bother your visitors. Some marketers even use aggressive or even bullying language in their popups, which only makes immediate departure more likely. Even if you are on the page of others, would you like to view such things instead of the content that you are looking for? Just think from visitor’s point of view and you will find you not alone.

8.  Take care of Fronts

Some webmasters are only serious about images, colors and design of the site and generally ignore caring the fonts. Left the site with default fronts is not a good idea at all. Complex outlook of the content make it difficult for visitors to realize your content and reduce creditability of the site as well.

9.  Change Presentation

To make the content much more attractive to the client you need to break the content presenting style in more intuitive ways.  You may follow the following suggestion like

>> Use short sentences

>> Publish content in Small Para

>> Use relatively large front and header tag

>> Avoid jargon and use simple words to define terms

10.  Create Credible Call-to-Action

Once you able to attract your visitors with the headlines and contents then don’t lose them with weak Call-to-Action buttons. The truth is that your calls-to-action may the barrier that would not let you move forwards. Often visitors fail to get it due to less visibility of it. So you need to personalize the placement, color and size of the action button cordially.


We have mentioned the ways that you might follow to reduce bounce rate and to boost your conversion rate. Try to track back your clients by following these strategies and share your success rate with us.

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