14 Essential & free WordPress plugins for better performance and exposure of your website

14 Essential & free WordPress plugins for better performance and exposure of your website

Are you an entrepreneur?

Do you thinking of expanding your business through recognizing your website online?

This is the article which will tell you about some significant plugins which must be integrated to your WordPress website for better performance and exposure of your website to world wide web. These are the fundamental tools which will bring you the desired success that always you dreamed. From individual business to small companies to larger brands all need to maintain a website for their clients. Do you know why professional developer likes the WordPress most, because of its SEO friendly environment as well as tons of plugins and unlimited customization features. In recent era WordPress getting popularity among user due to its flexible content management system. Here I will discuss about some of the essential plugin you must need to manage your site efficiently.

Let’s have a look,

1. Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

This is the most used SEO plugin over the world. It mainly works to makes your site SEO optimized in a way that enable search engines to identify your site on web easily. If you are a novice entrepreneur and no one knows you,  then this is the full prove solution for your blogs and websites. This plugin will facilitate search engine to rank your site in the result, first. The fabulous fact of Yoast SEO is the page analysis functionality prevents common mistakes. The visual interface will guide you to make a page or post SEO optimize and even for a novice will be able to use this plugin without any prior experience. So this can be a perfect solution for you to do SEO for your WordPress website like a pro.  All of the WpMania themes are compatible with this plugin and we recommend to use this plugin for your website.

2. Just Writing
Just Writing WordPress Plugin

Content writing is easy to some people but others feel difficulty to express their thoughts. To reduce the pain of non-professional content writer just writing plugin comes with one stop solution. It is marked with lots of features including Spelling and grammar checker, altering paragraph mood, formatting remover and much more. It allows you to personalize content with desired layout. It is an important tool for non-professional as well as professionals. You needs it for personalizes content with desired layouts. It will give a professional quality touch to your content even if you are not a serious writer. Actually it opens the window of creating quality content without having much skill

3. Broken Link Checker
Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

Broken link is a major issue that may reduce your potential present viewers and client as well. Viewer gets bored when they find your site with broken links. It also provides negative impression about your site to new viewers. It also prevent search engine to rank you first. Broken Link checker is a great plugin that will help you to handle this perilous issue. It will identify and show broken links to you so that you can easily remove them from your site. It also prevents search engines to follow broken links. In this way Broken Link Checker help user to fix broken links quickly and perfectly without losing much time.

4. Akismet
Akismet WordPress Plugin

If you are an admin of any blog or site you will find lots of spam comments in your blog post. But if you are busy with handling lots of blogs and sites then Askimet is perfect plugin for you. It will help you to determine spam comments through quick and regular scanning of all your blog posts. It creates a list of spam history, show there URLs and review of moderators, thus improves the speed of your server and page loading time.

Akismet is the top spam preventing plugin in the world wide web and it does all the dirty work for you to make your website spam free.

5. Google Analytics by Yoast
Google Analytics by Yoast WordPress Plugin

Another amazing plugin from yoast is goole analytics. This is the perfect tool that let you track how many visitors you have every day. It also says where they come from and what they do on your site. Google Analytics is the standard plugin for measuring visitors on your site. With this professional tool you will enable to review metric dashboard with minimal efforts and everything is possible without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Installing this plugin is real simple and your can integrate it with your existing Google analytics account in minutes.

This tool helps you with tracking download, tracking links, demographic report generation and many more. The true power of this plugin is tracking error pages, search results pages and setting up specific reports.

6. TaskFreak
TaskFreak WordPress Plugin

This is one of the most essential plugin that must be adopted by you. Basically, it is a task manager for your blog and sites. Help you with dimensional activity regarding to content management. This tool will help you managing your post and task. It helps in creating projects and assigns them to specific user. You if want an organized website then you can’t ignore the importance of TaskFreak.

7. OptinMonster
OptinMonster WordPress Plugin

OptinMonster is a plugin with email marketing facility for your blog or site . If you are interested to turn your visitors into subscriber by collecting their email list then maintain attachment with OptionMonster. OptinMonster can be the ultimate tool for you to get more subscriber from your website. With the help of this great plugin you can create lead capture forms using Pop-ups, Footer bars, Floating headers, Sidebar forms, After post forms, Welcome gates, Scroll triggered boxes.

8. Wordfence
Wordfence WordPress Plugin

Wordfence act as firewall to protect your site from hacker and cracker. Wordfence Security actually verifies integrity of source code of your website against the official WordPress repository. Wordfence Security supports IPv6 as well as giving you the ability to look up the location of IPv6 addresses, block IPv6 ranges, detect IPv6 country .Wordfence Security includes protection against DDoS attacks which improve performance and boost up loading speed of your site. It also do Security scans for checking all your files, comments and posts for URL’s in Google’s Safe Browsing list. Wordfence supports multi-Site protection simultaneously with which you will able to ensure security scan every blog in your multi-Site installation with one click.

I know, it sounds crazy what it does, but believe me you can be sure that the back end interface is designed just for you. You even can use it without knowing any coding or prior experience of using this plugin. Just install it, configure it and you are done. It will be working for you 24/7 and will protect your online home ( your website ) even when you will be sleeping.

9. Contact Form 7
Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

Engagement of viewers with your site is an important fact which has been considered over the year for booting small business. Contact Form 7 helps to boosts engagement of visitors when it is integrated. It supports lots of contact form with flexibility of unlimited customization. Helps to manage several issues like blog comments and post sharing with social platforms. Email management is one of its significant features which act for involving reader directly.

10. SEO Friendly Images
SEO Friendly Images WordPress Plugin

Only standard content is not enough to bring desirable number of visitors. Impressive SEO optimized image is mandatory as well. SEO friendly image plugin will help you to drag huge traffic by automatically updates images with appropriate ALT and title attribute. It influence search engine to rank your site on the basis of images as well. This plugin takes all the responsibility of setting details to ensure that all of your image of your site has a SEO optimized attribute.

11. Fancier Author Box
Fancier Author Box WordPress Plugin

This is the best solution for you, if you are searching for a tool that will give identity to your single or multi-author WordPress website. It will turn every page of your site into a landing page for new contacts and leads. It makes every post stand out and fascinate your readers. Connect with your audience on all levels and make sure people always read your author’s bio and engage you on social networks. Your audience will never slip away without getting to know you. Get the recognition you deserve by making your author box unique and stylish. Author box is an essential part of every WordPress blog. It puts a face to the content and makes connection with your readers.

12. W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

The importance of W3 total cache cannot be explained in a world. Site speed is something that we take very seriously. In order to make sure that our site load instantly and sustain huge loads of traffic without crashing, nothing but W3 total cache will help to manage these. If you integrate this plug-in into your site, it will provide great user interface for the visitor of your site like decreasing the loading time for pages, elements and database. W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration. It is compatible with shared hosting, virtual private server, dedicated servers and dedicated clusters. It will do all the essentials that you need to get success in your business.

So if you are going to make your website even more SEO optimized then this plugin can help you as search engine love website that loads faster.

13. Floating Social Media Icon
Floating Social Media Icon WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for a social media plugin for WordPress, then you don’t need to look any further. Floating social bar adds a floating share bar on your blog posts, and pages. The floating technique positively reinforces your visitors to share your content which results in an increase of social media shares ultimately. You can make the social media icons to appear automatically or you can use social media widgets, short-code or PHP code to display the social media icons where ever you like. If you choose to show Social Media Icon automatically . The icons will fly from top left to bottom right and the social media icons will stay there even if user scrolls the page, thus it floats. Only loads scripts when necessary. None of the social media scripts are loaded on the initial page load.

This plugin can be a good addition for your social media strategies to have a successful business campaigning.

14. Title Experiments
Title Experiments WordPress Plugin

Perfect title is one of the precious facts that determine the click rate of your post. If your titles are stunning then it will certainly pull greater visitors and engage them with your site. If you are straggling to set a perfect title for your post then title Experiment will do this hard job for you. The plugin simply lets you test multiple versions of titles for pages and posts. Unless you know for sure the perfect title that your audience will want to read. Each of the titles will be served randomly to your viewers and the plugin will measure if people respond to the title by reading the post.


WordPress have become the most popular platform because it gives you access to a tots of resources around you to make your website even more SEO optimized, secure,  fast and more functional. Hopefully the above amazing WordPress plugins will help you to save some time from your end. I personally use those plugins for my websites and for my clients websites and I hope once you will use them you are going love them as well.

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