5 Effective Ways to Create WordPress Website Optimized for Social Media

5 Effective Ways to Create WordPress Website Optimized for Social Media

Social media helps to boost the growth of business and increase the traffic and conversion. That’s why this platform is utilizing by digital marketers greatly to increase the overall ranking of website.  To explore the power of social network you need to link your website with popular social media websites. The fact is important since if your website is properly optimized with social media network it will let you expand visibility of your site and will increase the awareness in efficient approach.

  • Addition of Social Media Buttons For making your WordPress websites friendly to social media platform the first and foremost task is to be done is adding icons of all popular social media site in your website including Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Myspace and Pinterest. This icon will allow your visitors to follow you and engaged with you even they are not on your site.
  • Integration of Recommendation and Distribution Buttons
    If you integrate this feature your visitors will be able to share your post and contents on several social media by using a single button. People always like to share contents, which they find appealing or useful and you will get advantage of going viral by your visitors even doing anything of your own. You will find many WordPress plugins on web, useful for this purpose.
  • Your Website Should have a Call to Action Button
    Many website owners fail to get enough advantage of social sharing due to lack of proper utilization of call to action button. Many visitors not even notice those buttons though they are large or shiny.  So say something like follow me, for more information or get touched. In addition with this mention the advantage of following on social media sites like weekly discounts, coupon codes, freebies and more to stimulate the audience more efficiently.
  • Power Your Site with Social Media Plugin
    WordPress is suitable for using social media plugins for different purposes thus you can utilize this advantage to implement your preferable social media plugins to your site. As for example, Facebook commenting plugin allows user to post comments directly on your website from their Facebook account. And the benefit is twice from this since their activity will also visible on the news feed of their friends and you will get more visitors instantly.
  • Select Proper Social Media Widget and Feeds
    Another important part of this method is to select the right social media feeds and widgets. You should add an activity feed if your visitors make comments regularly on your site. If you have options to post regularly then this widgets will particularly suitable for you. It is the way to get deeper insight of you latest news about your business to your audience.

Finally, hope you have already understood the strategies that you should follow to make your website friendly with social media platform to increase your traffic and to boost your sales greatly. If you have any updated idea about utilizing social media more intensively please share with us.

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