6 Deadly Mistakes Blogger Should Avoid

6 Deadly Mistakes Blogger Should Avoid

Blogging is passion for some people and they write because they love to share their personal thought and experience with the world. On the other hand some people invest their valuable time for making money from blogging. Many beginners do lots of mistakes when they start for the very first time. Today, we will introduce some of the fatal mistakes that usually bloggers do, that you must avoid.

  • Absence of Quality Content Visitors keep returning to the website that they find useful or interesting for real purpose. So it is apparent that concentrating on developing quality content is far more batter than wasting time for building links or managing SEO. The following practices will be useful if your website really has something impressive to meet your visitor’s needs.
  • Expecting success without spending much for Blogging Some blogger expect higher traffic, higher conversion and higher earning without doing anything for the blog. It is impossible to achieve best without investing least. It is evident that new blogger will spend more time and will do more work for their site to get expected result from it.
  • Lack of Fresh Content Many blogger miss to update their blog with new interesting article thus they fail to fetch more reader as well as fail to hold existing traffic. In addition with this fresh new content influence Google and other search engines to crawl your site regular basis thus you will have better chance of indexing. So the blog which publish content frequently is most loving to Google.
  • Ignoring Good SEO Practices Organic traffics are entered in a website through search engine therefore optimization of search engine adds real value for generating traffic. Always try to follow the techniques that Google suggest for you. Never follow back hat techniques since they are harmful and brings negative result in long run.
  • Neglecting Needs of Audience Visitors are life of any website and you must make them satisfied to ensure that they are stick to your blog. Never consider blog as just a diary to express your thoughts make something different that others so that you audience find your blog valuable or interesting.  You should try to be engaged in healthy discussion, chatting and posting topic of worthiness which will ensure your visitors that you really cares about them. Never post any controversial topic or abusive language that drives away your followers.
  • Silly Grammatical Mistake Tiny grammatical mistake cloud change the impression and value of content and you may prove as less serious to your audience. Always do double check and make sure that you have not done any silly mistake in your content.

Bloggers should avoid such mistakes to enhance the possibility of getting highest level of accomplishment.

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