9 Easiest Way To Get Your WordPress Site Indexed By Google

9 Easiest Way To Get Your WordPress Site Indexed By Google

Sometimes you are developing a professional website after lots of research, efforts and time. A newly launched beautiful website with many features is not just enough to fetch enough visitors and clients as well, for this you must have to index by search giant like Google. Therefore this likes to be one of the most crucial facts that you must consider. Without indexing your website will not be visible to search engines. Even though over the time Google has integrated lots of policies into their SEO parameter some website are quite lucky to be indexed within few hours.

There areĀ amazing SEO plugin for your WordPress websites those can help you toĀ get noticed by Google. But here you will be introduced with some of the short tips that could bring you the success to be indexed faster.

  • Check whether your website is indexed or not
    Initially you can perform a check either your website is already indexed or not before you goes through the complex procedure of indexing. A simple solution of this task is site:yourURL.com , From this website you will find out the pages are already indexed by Google. If you are already in system then Google will categorized your post and pages. But if your site does not shows up then you have to start your work right away.
  • Website with ready Content
    Google act like an online library which houses information of sites around the web and identify the sites contents. You cannot hope to kept books on a library without any page or of name similarly Google cannot identify a site without any content. Along with this Google like to have unique and useful content only. If you stick to this strategy of indexing site with Google surely you will get better result.
  • Create and Submit a Sitemap
    If you have enough contents and worth of crawling then you have to put your attention on submitting a sitemap. Don’t get worried with the technical complexities of creating site map it is quite easy to figure out. You can use the XML sitemap plug-ins and can perform the task instantly. Some popular plugins are Jetpack, Yoast, Google Sitemap.
  • Verify Your Site on Google Search Console
    Google search console is previously known as Google webmaster. The first step of submitting Google sitemap is to have an analytics account. After connecting site to Goggle search console you have to submit sitemap which is not a hard nut to crack. Go to menu option Crawl then select the sitemap then click the Add/text sitemap and you will get the option of adding URL to XML site. Now add your URL and submit it right away. From now you will be on the eye of Google to categorize. Unfortunately, it’s not just enough for indexing your site faster you have to walk few more steps to give a finishing.
  • Start Sending Traffic To Your Website
    Your site may not be indexed by Google yet but still it is a live site and to earn Google’s attention it’s time to send traffic to your site. Sending traffic to your site is a smart way to influence Google since Google will find your site useful to others. And accordion to Google standard policy you r site will be indexed soon.
  • Social Bookmarking
    You can take the traditional social booking system as a tool to send traffic to your site.
  • Blog Commenting
    Even though it is not a smart SEO strategy still it can add some fuel to the SEO. You can get traffic by making useful comments on your niche related websites and blogs it could be a natural way to get traffic.
  • Participate in Social Media Groups
    Lot of social media is remaining out there. Do some prudent research on them and choose one that best suits you. Then you will be to share link of your site there and will be able to bring some traffic right away.
  • Start Building Your Own Links
    Outreach and guest posting is a cool way to connect your site. You can write it with our own or hire a content writer to it as your representative. But building a relation with them could be a better way to gain high quality links.

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