Driving More Traffic to Your Blog Using Pinterest & Instagram

Driving More Traffic to Your Blog Using Pinterest & Instagram

Association with Social media platform like Pinterest and Instagram is considered as the best approach to have your brand recognized and attract the traffic to the desired level. Having a Facebook fan page is not just enough to explore SEO to spread the identity of your brand. You also need to ensure your presence on other popular places to get appreciation for your offer. Fortunately both Pinterest and Instagram are image sharing website and is not complex for search engine optimization issue on the other hand you will able to get attention and some followers from the huge traffic engaged there.

  • Suitable Source of Large Number of Traffic You might have the statistics that both Instagram and Pinterest have large number of visitors. Therefore most the webmaster considers these sites as great place for marking of their products. Inclusions of hashtags with the photos you have posted on theses site make you visible to search engines. Along with this your profile on theses site will connect you to the main site of yours thus you will get huge traffic to your site from your followers.
  • Explore the Advantages of Search Engines with Contents To exploit the search engines with fresh contents using social media platform is not a new idea at all. Now integration of your business with Instagram or Pinterest profiles means you are now also able to link them with Facebook fan pages and Twitter feeds. So you are going to have double boost with social media engagements and search engine optimization. But to get the desired level of success you need to be active with this media. But keeping updated with Google images, Twitter feeds and Faceboobk fan page   personally without the help of any hired assistant will be an added advantage.
  • Picture Can Make Difference One pick up of image of your website by Google can generate great number of visitors without any doubt. Literally these image based site are notable way to utilize you SEO directly and to expand footprint of new thousand visitors with just one stunning image.


Just now you have leant the advantage of having link with Pinterest and Instagram therefore this could be a great deal for branding your business on web. The space is free for you; make us know if you have anything to share in your mind.

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