What should be the choice, WordPress.org or WordPress.com!

What should be the choice, WordPress.org or WordPress.com!

We have recently explored a little bit difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. We think it will help you to take the right one for your business.

WordPress is actually a blogging software and it is a open source. WordPress.org is a place where any one can go and can download it. It provides free downloads of WordPress material such WordPress themes, plug-ins, files etc. It also provides the proper instructions to install and configure the word press.

WordPress.org pros and cons:

The facility of the application is that one can easily install any kind of the WordPress templates or plug-ins. Any one is also customize his own site by own self at the moment he wants.

  • The owners do have total control on the looking.
  • He can feel his site.
  • He can install any WordPress plug-in and in this way it is very easy to make more functionality. It should be known that the process is very powerful and expensive.
    To use WordPress according to this you one should know some points. Such as:
  • You will need a hosting provider that supports MySQL databases and FTP access.
  • You have to have knowledge that how FTP works or how it transfers files, you should also have some knowledge that how to create a MySQL database. It is also important to know to edit the configuration files.
  • You should have to automate your own backups. (Though, you can get free plug-in to manage it easily)

If you think there are lots of works to do, just be relaxed. You will get many hosting providers have already automated most of the works for you and make it easier for you.

If you want to take a blog online, the easiest way will be WordPress.com. You just go at the sign up section and create a WordPress blog. It is free for you. This is a multi-user WordPress version and it hosts more than thousand of blogs.

WordPress.com pros and cons:

There are pros and cons of the wordpress.com that you should have knowledge.

  • Flexible way to get started.
  • Hosting is almost free.
  • You can easily pick a theme from list.

There are also something important, that you should remind. Such as

  • You have to choose the theme from their given list. You cannot edit it directly then and their.
  • You cannot install plug-ins to make more fictionalize of your site.
  • They can give any ads at your site if they want.

Though there are some limitations at WordPress.com, it is a good way to begin a hobby or an interesting blog. But in case of a small business there should be nice control over respected site.

You will be glad to know that WpMania is here to make your WordPress site under your control.

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