Why are you losing customers every day?

Why are you losing customers every day?

If your site is not mobile friendly, you may as well be closing the proverbial shop door in front of your potential customers face.

According to “Google Mobile Ads Blog”, 61% of people will leave your site instantly if it is not mobile friendly.  The most significant news is that 67% of people are willing to buy from a mobile friendly site.  So if your site is not mobile friendly you are missing out on potential sales, are you not?This research was conducted by Sterling Research and SmithGeiger in July 2012 among 1088 US adult Smartphone internet users.

A study from Google says 75% of users like mobile friendly sites,so this unlocks a great opportunity for the business owner with mobile friendly sites. It converts visitors in to clients.

How do you open the door to let your clients in?

Make your website mobile responsive.  If you have used WordPress Site as your platform then you can make it into a Mobile Friendly site by following this link.

Here are a few recent statistics that may help you to make the right decision:

  • 48% users become frustrated if the site is not mobile friendly when using a mobile device to view your website.
  • 36% says it seems they are wasting their time if your site is not mobile friendly.
  • 52% says they think they should not do business with a company that does not have a mobile friendly site.
  • 48% says they feel that the company does not care about them if their site is not mobile friendly.

The evidence above proves that a mobile friendly site can please more of your customers and therefore improving your online sales. It is high time you take action before your competition beats you to it. Actually it not just about making sales it is also about showing your professionalism.

Contact us here if you  want to redesign your current WordPress site into a mobile friendly  WordPress website. We can also make your site from scratch if you would prefer a complete redesign. Check out our  Client Discovery Form Here and we will get back to you ASAP 🙂

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