Why do you need a support portal for your own business?

Why do you need a support portal for your own business?

Most of us want our website looks great. We invest money and time to get it. Basically we are more focused to get more clients. But we actually do not care about a active support portal to provide support for our clients.

If you want return customer the must have element is a great support portal. Just think about it. When you buy WordPress theme from us you make sure that you will get support. It is also true about your own business.

It is not easy to make a support portal but if you can make it you can expect more revenue at the long run.  Here we will tell you what makes the support portal work for your business.

What is the best way to reach you?

Tell your customers the best way to reach you. It is really easy. Put your phone and email address or a link to the contact us page or at the top of your help center. So your users can reach you easily.

Add a live chat option

It is not a mandatory but it helps you to get more trust among your customers. As you know it require a lot of effort to run a live chat option on your website. You probably know, hard works always reward itself.

Add a search button in your support portal

If you provide a search option in your website it might help your customers to find what they need easily. Actually it does not takes a lot of effort to add a search option. In your WordPress admin panel you can easily add a Search Widget.

Write article to help your customer when they are lost

Most of all you need to some article so that your website visitors can get some help. Though the best way to help your clients is video tutorials.


The the main goal behind this article is not only helping your clients but also help you to understand that an active support center can save a lot of time from your end. The support articles can let you do the business as you will get less support call. The bonus is you will get some happy clients. Is not it cool?

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