WpMania WordPress Services

We understand that your website means everything to you. Partner with the right WordPress experts who offers every aspect of premium WordPress services.
WpMania WordPress Services
WpMania Theme Setup

Need some help setting up your WpMania theme? We know you want to set up your new WpMania theme as soon as possible. But if you’re new to WordPress, you could spend a lot of your precious time on something that could be done for you in less time than it takes Amazon Prime to get to your door.

Migration to WpMania Theme

If you are not familiar to WordPress theme migration can be a challenge for you. Our expert will help you to safely migrate to WpMania. Our WordPress theme migration service will make you sit relax and get the job done professionally and safely by our experienced WordPress engineers.

Theme Customization

The process of customization of your WordPress website is pretty simple. You tell us what you want to change, remove or add to your website, and we will provide suggestions on how to improve your ideas into reality and do the heavy lifting for you quickly and efficiently and within the minimum possible time.

Image Optimization

Image optimization is one of the key factors to make your site look alive and load faster. Not to mention an optimized image also plays a vital role in search engine ranking. It is tedious work and something you might find yourself in a hard position to do yourself. But fear no more, we will help you to do it.

1 Hour Consultation Service

Whether you’re stuck on your first website build, or just can’t seem to get something right on your 100th- we would love to work with you and get you moving in the right direction. The advice and assistance will push your project forward. 

WordPress Speed Optimization

Are you lacking conversion from your website due to a slow website? We’ll take your site from frustratingly slow, to under 3 second load times (and even faster on high quality hosting) with our done-for-you WordPress speed optimization service.

WordPress Error Fix

Are you having a WordPress error that you just can not figure out? Don’t Worry, our  WordPress expert will fix it fast! We know inside and out of WordPress and follow standard WordPress guidelines and the latest coding technology to solve any issue you may face. 

WordPress Security

Are you concern about your WordPress website security? Think no more. We know inside out of WordPress  that is why we can ensure better protection of your WordPress website. You are one step away from keeping your site safe from attacks  and unwanted traffic. 

WordPress Backup Service

Do you need to have a full backup ready for emergency recovery of your website? Do not worry we will do that for you.  This is a comprehensive and reliable service to protect your digital presence.  

WordPress Emergency Support

Do you need emergency WordPress support right now? Well, you are in right place. We prioritize this WordPress emergency support and attend to solve the issue for you ASAP.  

Sales Funnel Setup

Finding leads and converting them into paying customers is always tricky. Without a strong sales funnel,  most leads may never convert, which isn’t good for your bottom line. However, setting up a sales funnel can be daunting. A proper setup may  increase your sales up-to 300%. 

24/7 Website Maintenance 

Our WordPress maintenance service ensures that you got dedicated virtual assistance to make updates on your website content on demand. Also, we ensure to do the regular website backup, make your site secure, fast loading, and SEO optimized.

Bulk Website Maintenance

Do you have a lot of websites that needs continuous monitoring and update? Well, this service is just right for you.  Here your will save money and time. 

White Level Service

Do you manage a lot of website for your clients? Do you need a helping hand to do that for you? Lets talk so that we can offer you the best deal.

WordPress Malware Removal

Did you find your website infected with malware? Not sure what to do? Let our expert handle it for you. Leaving your website without malware cleaning may result in searching engine penalization and loosing ranking. So it is highest priority that you take action ASAP to clean your site and apply the latest security patch where needed. 

WordPress Hosting

Do you have a slow WordPress website? Are you being hacked repeatedly? Not getting ranked?  90% time the solution is getting a good optimized WordPress hosting. Unlike others, we update the hosting software for enhanced security and better performance, and server-side catching to serve a faster website.