How to Write Appropriate Meta Description for SEO

How to Write Appropriate Meta Description for SEO

If you are struggling with poor click through rate despite of having ranked in first page of search engines then this article is for you. Many site owners frequently complain that they are suffering from lack of traffic even they are top in raking. The problem of getting bad result lies in wrong integration of meta data. Most of the cases site owners fail to get advantage of search engine due to the inclusion of poorly written meta description.

  1. What is meta data? Meta description is nothing but a short description of 160 characters, a HTML that basically summarize the content of the page. And search engine shows meta description with search result. Thus meta description is largely important for SEO.
  2. Meta data should be As Brief as Possible not More than 160 Words Always try to integrate a concise description since search engines leave description more than 160 characters. So if your meta description is larger than 160 character rest of 160 character will cut off and the text will become obscure and it will fail to be effective as well. So it is inevitable that your meta data must be concise to summarize just the gist of the content you have on your site.
  3. Make sure that Meta data is Relevant to Your Content Literally meta data should show exactly brief form of the content you have on your site. This data need to develop based on real content of your site not with false statement. Any attempt to deceive people will end to smoke.
  4. Appropriate keywords should be selected Usually search engines highlights the terms which perfectly match with the visitors query. Therefore, incorporating valuable keywords is so much important to arrest visitor’s attention.  Google and other major search engines may penalize you if you fail to mention real keywords in your meta description.
  5. Action oriented Description Meta data should have the attribute that will show the real short description of the page that will really serve after clicking. The description needs show the exact term for which the searcher makes any search.  If the description is near to the audience’s requirement then you will have the higher chance to get clicked.

Properly written meta data could greatly enhance overall CTR of your content by influencing visitors. The above mentioned guideline will help you a lot to manage meta description for your site. Do you find this article helpful for you? Make a comment here.

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