10 Best WordPress Plugins For Multilingual Capability

When everything is perfect with your website but you are not getting enough visitors form outside of your country. Then the issue is not actually associated with the design or content. You are suffering from the problem of languages. You want to get a huge number of visitors then you need to open your site for people with different languages. Capturing new readers or customers from a different geographical region will likely also require some back and forth or multilingual support if you’re selling a product – the process can be fraught with cultural differences.

10 Best WordPress Plugins For Multilingual Capability

English is the most used language over the web but there are many clients who are waiting for you offered products and they are not even familiar with the language English. So the opportunity of your business will be limited to only the native speaker. But multilingual environments are the norm, and even in massive English-speaking markets such as the United States over ten percent of the population speaks Spanish.

The Best 10 WordPress Translation Plugins for Going Multilingual

Only a few simple steps can lead your website intelligible to wide range of audience. WordPress comes with tons plugins that will really helpful to manage the fact of translating your site. Here, I have introduced some of them.

1. Lingotek Translation

It offers cloud based translation process for simplify the process of building multilingual website. For your purpose you can integrate machine, professionals, or software. This plugin enables you use your personal translator and the best one from more than 5000 community translator. This tool has the ability to translate your site automatically into different language. You will have fully customization opportunity of supervise every step of the translation process. And translation will be completed with your defined features. This plugin enables you to translation personally using the built-in text editor.

2. GTS Translation Plugin

You will able to have you site translated in several language with more natural view. This tool enables you to combine automatic translation with human’s customization. Initially you will get your site translated with the server of this WordPress plugin then   you can assign your community for the final finishing of the text. GTS Translation also helps to index you by search engines easily, by cached your content after translation is done. Officially it offers 30 languages but you can include more by using your own community.

3. Google Language Translator

This is the fast and simple plugin that will translate your site into more than 80 languages. It also enables the user to switch between several languages. It is not an official plugin but it is created on the Google translator and you will get all flexibility you want. This plugin allows you to insert the Google Language Translator tool anywhere on your website using shortcode.

4. Google Website Translator by Prisna.net

Google website translator is powered by the features of Google translator.  It has few more features than the previously mentioned tools. It gives you the flexibility of converting your site into more than 90 languages.  It comes with smooth admin panel so you can easily insert it any website without interruption of design.

5. Ceceppa Multilingua

This tool will not allow you to translate your site into other language; rather it will help to manage the presentation of the content of a multilingual website. It will allow you to edit your content form a single window in quick mood. You will be able to use separate SEO and url for different languages.  You will find this plugin working nice with custom post and pages. It also redirect browser by identifying the visitors language.

6. MultilingualPress

It is an awesome multilingual WordPress plugin that can be used to customize language of multisite with a simple interface. You can connect as many as site you want to link. To do it correctly you have to set one language as the base then set relationship among the other related sites. You can handle your site with more than 160 languages using the language manager inside the WordPress. You can optimize the SEO by translating categories and top custom posts which ultimately wins trust of clients of different languages.

7. Multilanguage by BestWebSoft

If you integrate this plugin then you will have the opportunity to define languages different language for different post, tags, pages and categories. This Plugin dose not has any automated translation service, so all the translations need to done manually. You will get 87 pre-defined languages for your selection. The options of setting priority of displaying and switching among different languages have also given in plugin Widget.

8. WPGlobus – Multilingual

It’s a popular URL based interface which is widely compatible with SEO optimized Yeast plugins. This tool let you translate your pages, post and tags manually. You can use several langues in combination with country flags. WPGlobus adjust nicely with all the WordPress themes. Using the provided dropdown menu you can switch to different languages. You can use administration panel to customize your preference.


WPML is a complex and powerful plugin that is used by advanced developers and highly skilled professionals to maintain both the language management options and the translation procedures. It takes the backup of your entire system so that you never lose anything. This tool is able to take care of post in addition with taxonomies and menus. It also determines visitor’s language and direct to his native page. It supports translating your page by outsourcing integration of professional translator.

10. Polylang

Polylang is a simple solution for all the languages related issues and allow to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site with ease. It supports RTL language script. You can translate posts, pages, media, categories, post tags, menus, and widgets with the unlimited number of languages. You will find several flexible features to work with, like Custom post types, custom taxonomies, sticky posts and post formats, RSS feeds and all default WordPress widgets. In the navigation menu you will find a widget for switching to different languages. You will have the opportunity to use separate domain for different languages.

Would you like to hire Professional Translator?

If you want to spread your business following the call of globalization then you certainly need a professional translator to create pages for multilingual users. This high time take wise decision whether expense would be justified or not. Machine translation is not like the natural one and it may not be intelligible by many users. If you are earning well form your website then professional translator should be considered.

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