5 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Optimizing Your Site For Yahoo & Bing

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Optimizing Your Site For Yahoo & Bing

When the question of search engine optimization arises most of the webmaster think about the search giant Google since Google gets about 6 billion search every day.   It is obvious that optimizing your site for Google will bring you huge success but why you should miss the opportunity of getting about 30 % of the visitors that the relatively small search engines like Yahoo and Bing could bring to your website.  Today we will briefly explain the reasons why you should make your site friendly for Yahoo and Bing that many of the webmasters and bloggers never considered. The under mentioned causes are considered vital for which you need to optimize your site for other small search engines.

  1. Google change its algorithms over the time thus the top ranked website of today may get down in search result tomorrow. Therefore spending your most valuable time for optimizing only the Google may lead to drastic reduction of traffic. On the other hand if you optimize your site for Google, Yahoo and Bing. By doing this you may not supposed to lose the greater number of traffic.
  2. Optimizing your site for Yahoo will boost you SEO needs since Yahoo is powered by Bing. So working with the SEO strategy of one will get you advantage of boosting SEO for other.
  3. Old sites are usually ignored by the updated algorithm policy of Google on the other hand Bing loves old official form of website like .gov, .edu  and .org so you can have greater SEO results if you are webmaster of such kinds of websites.
  4. You could have greater results with easer efforts on indexing flash media if you optimized your website for Bing.
  5. Small, medium and relatively less recognized enterprise is ignored by Google when Google creates result for ranking page. That’s why optimizing websites of newly establish business or small business arena for Bing could favor largely enhancing your business. Consequently once your business is established with the support of Bing in future you will able to get attention of Google too.

In fine, though lion’s share of the traffic is served by Google, we can’t avoid the importance of Bing and Yahoo since they also comprise a handsome number of traffic on web and help to grow authority of many website.

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