7 Free Impressive Google Maps Plugins For WordPress Websites

7 Free Impressive Google Maps Plugins For WordPress Websites

If you are about to start a new business and your company has physical existence then you must need to add a working google map to your WordPress site to let your visitors identify your location in real. Or perhaps you run a hardcore travel blog, and you want a fully functional Google Maps plugin with all the bells and whistles to let your readers know exactly where you are. Your clients may not interest to spend more time on searching your office. So you have to do it for your own interest. Most of the new user feels comfortable to use plugins to embed a Google Map to their site because of their features and flexibility of customization. Today I am going to introduce 7 best Google Maps Plugins that are mostly used in WordPress sites.

1. Google Maps Bank

Google Map Bank WordPress Plugin

You can add this powerful and intuitive plugin to your WordPress site quickly using the supplied short codes. Google Maps Bank Lite Edition allows you to create upto 2 Google Maps with up to 5 Markers, 1 Poly line and 1 Polygon. You will get through 7 different Steps while introducing this map to your site. It very simple and understandable for a WordPress admin to quickly get done what is needed as per requirements. The ton of options and unlimited customization ability is the most alluring things of this plugin. The interface is also very organized and systematic. To insert a map into a post or page you need to enter the WYSIWYG post editor and click on the new ‘add Google Maps Bank shortcode’ button adjacent to the ‘add media’ button. A popup slide will appear on the screen, you have to customize the settings as you see fit, then publish.

2. WP Google Maps

Google Maps Bank WordPress Plugin

This is the powerful and user-friendly tool which is providing service on free. You will get light version of it with unlimited number of markers. You can use colourful dots, polygons and lines to mark your shop on map. You can easily add different intuitive layers according to your needs. Its user interface is easy to customize using the tabs on every part of map through single screen.

3. Maps Builder

Maps Builder - Google Maps Plugin

This is the most durable and responsive WordPress Plugin for Google map integration. The Map Builder lets you edit full screen in a Customizer-like environment so you can see your map come to life right before your eyes. The impressive and Intuitive user interface is designed with seamless integrations which provide eye-catching visuals as well as extensive customization over default map options. Maps Builder Pro supports map mashups, layers, and custom markers, in addition to all the free features just outlined.

4. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin

Maps Builder - Google Maps Plugin

You will get more dozens of configurations opportunity with this map to satisfy your needs. It brings widely flexible user friendly interface. In this pack Shortcode builder is available for your use, which integrates with post and page editor. This elegant map is featured with over 250 amazing custom marker icons to choose from.

5. Snazzy Maps

Snazzy Maps WordPress Plugin

It allows user to customize their style to maps. Browse through hundreds of styles and choose the one that’s right for you. Quickly apply your favorite style to all the maps on your WordPress site. The Snazzy Maps WordPress plugin works alongside your existing Google Maps plugins to make your maps just a little bit snazzier. You can create account key and access your list of favorites to apply styles even faster. You can also access private styles that you have created personally.

6. Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget

Google map was primarily built as Widget. Using shortcodes you can add maps to any page or post. It widely supports zoom in, resize, pin marker, color text. Light box version will show the expanded part to on click.

7. Intergeo WordPress Google Maps Plugin

WordPress Google Maps Plugin Lite

Intergeo is the powerful Map which is rich with several impressive features. This Plugin gives you all authorization over your maps’ appearance, with a choice of default positioning, the opportunity to configure a stylish color scheme. You can copy and duplicate the settings of your map configuration using the cloning tool within it.

In a Nutshell

Today I discussed about many unique Free Google maps here. User interface of those plugins are user friendly as well as they are ready to impress views.

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