About Dr. Sabbir H

Full Stack WordPress Developer,
Speaker & Medical Doctor

Sabbir H

Dr. Sabbir Hasan is the Founder & CEO of WpMania.Net. He loves to help people become empowered through self employment. This allows him to combine all the things he loves in doing so. He gets to combine his Web Design & Development Skill, Business Development Coaching, Networking skills, Marketing skills to help propel aspiring Entrepreneurs. His wife and kids are the powerhouse for him to work harder.

Sabbir Kids

About Me

I Love My Kids & WordPress

I’m a Full Stack WordPress Developer, Medical Doctor, an Entrepreneur, a Husband, a Father, an avid Reader and a Speaker living in Khulna, BD.

I build business solution that solve day to day problem for my clients.


Customer Feedback

If you have ever wanted to build websites for your clients with ease and with marvelous backup and support, then Sabbir is your go to guy. The themes he has designed and built are very flexible and are suitable for various types of businesses. I have only had to call on him twice before, with something I needed coded differently and his response was extremely prompt and efficient. Not sure if he ever sleeps!So if you are looking for functional WordPress themes coupled with unquestionable support then go to Sabbir. I have all of them.

~ Philip Denman ~

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