Every day Wikipedia gets a large quantity of visitors from Google thus it could be a potential media for doing online marketing effectively. To be honest Wikipedia literally have the power to make your business visible to large number of potential clients. But it is a matter of sorrow that many enterprises still don’t have any page on Wikipedia on the other side mass abuse of Wikipedia platform by some viscous webmasters resulted in deletion of their page.

How to Start and Manage a Company Page on Wikipedia Effectively

That’s why today we are here to make you mindful how you can you create and manage your business company page with Wikipedia effectively.

Everything You Need to Know About Wikipedia

Wikipedia is nothing but a rich online encyclopedia. You can compare it with any highly fortified library of the world since it covers all most all the information on all subjects ever been created. Basically it is a voluntary website thus it does not recruit and writer for its content rather they have opened the platform for general to create and edit post. The things to be remembered, that it requires following some strict rule for editing to prevent abuse of the site. To have an accepted page with Wikipedia for your business you must need to write only objective point of business. You can’t not write in way that sounds like an advertisement rather it should like serving information about your business arena. So be careful if you miss to follow proper guideline your page will be removed by its developer’s team.

Why You Should Use Wikipedia

You might be worried that if anyone can easily edit your page or your page may delete on simple issue. Fortunately anything would not happen to your page until you break any core rule of Wikipedia. Here I have list down some of the benefits of using Wikipedia.

  1. Matter of Reputation Having a business page on Wikipedia is considered as fact of reputation since Wikipedia has already indexed information of large to small enterprises.
  2. Improved Visibility As soon as you create a page on Wikipedia you will able to see the difference in instance. You will must have more traffic and more sell as well as because it build credibility.
  3. Optimizing Search Engines
    External link building with Wikipedia get you a boost in search engine optimization efforts.
  4. More Conversion
    The more you are gaining traffic and achieving their trust the more you are getting conversion so it let you generate more money from your website.

Easy Steps to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Business Website

  1. Follow Wikipedia Writing Guidelines Before you start creating a Wikipedia page for your business website you should know thoroughly which should you do and which not to do.
    1. Never input content in a way that looks like you are showing advertisement.
    2. You should include citable information from online article and post about the company
    3. Content should be standard and should more than few lines.
  2. Subscribe to Wikipedia To create a page on Wikipedia you will  need to have an account for this you have to select a username and a pass word then go to Create an Account Page and create your account, it is quite easy and it takes only a few minutes.
  3. Online Recognition of Your Website  You must have some article published on reputed magazine websites to create company’s Wikipedia page. The articles should be on magazine, newspaper, trade magazines or in the form of eBooks. If you don’t have much content on web you should develop relation with such media to get some online publication which is needed for the Wikipedia page.
  4. You Need to Have a Framework You should develop an outline for Wikipedia page like which information your about to put in the page. You must include some general information like company history, review of products and services.

If you have attentively read the whole article then you are now ready to create your own Wikipedia page for your business website. Fortunately, you can include informative in depth information about your products and services under the Wikipedia page in professional ways.

Advertising is indispensable for growing any business but using the popular traditional advertising media are expensive requires enormous budget which may feel as burden for freelancer and small business owners. Fortunately there are lots of places where you can promote your enterprise for free. Without spending a single penny you can follow the savvy marketing strategy we are about to discuss here.

10 Free Ways to Promote Your Business Locally

Advertise your business Locally – For Free!!

  1. You Must Ensure Your Website have Value for Others: It does not matter whether your business is local or intentional your website should design in a way that it can be easily identified and navigate smoothly. You need to follow some basic rules including maintaining quality of content, focus on specific goal, make it intuitive for target ordinance, appropriate representation of brand, ensure SEO, integration of social media and optimize website for mobile user.
  2. Provide Emphasis on Blogging: Blogging could increase the chance of being noticed by your audience out there as because Google and other search engine crawl informative and beneficial content and consider them as a parameter to create raking for niche websites. So it widely important that your develop quality content and post them regularly on your blog. In addition with SEO needs regular update with new content let you interact with your potential clients and make them aware about your dedication and care which ultimately lead to have conversion.  Make sure that your website has social sharing buttons so the visitors can share them with their near one and this will let your post viral thus more people will discover your brand.
  3. Make Sure that You Arrange a Press Release Each Month: Get in touched with printing media of your locality and ask for opportunity if they have any option to capture your business details and create features on them. Publishing features on your business will give you a boost in your business by increasing the number of new local clients. You need to develop a healthy relationship with the editorial and journalist to convince them for writing on your business.
  4. Focus on Email Marketing Strategy: You can use email marketing software like MailChimp to design and to send email to potential clients this strategy will enable you to track and understand needs of your clients. For getting higher advantage from email marking strategy you will need to grow the database on regular basis. Encourage visitors of your website to sign up for email service.
  5. Utilize Video Content as Marketing Element: YouTube is second most visited website on web. So, why not we take the opportunity to leverage video marketing? You can create video on your offers and services that your business offers and post them on Youtube for free. After that you need to embed code of the video on your website. In this way you will be able to fetch clients from your tube channel to your website.
  6. Index Your Organization on Local Directories: Register with popular local directories is on of the important free way since adding the name of your organization in local directory will help your clients find you easily on webs.  Ensure that you include details about your business but in concise form. The most popular directories are Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing, YellowBook, Linkedln and more.
  7. Try to Proactive on Social Media Platform: You can undoubtedly use popular social media to share your blog content and fetch your target audience group by engaged with them for different session. This a impressive way to get noticed faster. You can create different events, online program and these will let you interact with your desired clients group. You will find Facebook, Twitter, Google+ quite helpful for your social media activity.
  8. Having a Verified Profile with Google+ Local: Google+ Local is a beautiful way to have a remark on Google map about the physical position of your company office location. Google will send a pin number by post to you physical address as soon as you get registered, you need to enter then pin on the listing and start enjoying advantages. This strategy literally does a lot of sense and make sure that you appear on local search. Moreover the service is completely free and it is an opportunity to connect Google+ profile to your Google+ Local listing. However, you can get the pin immediately though mobile number.
  9.  Start Local Networking Events: The most suitable way to grow your business is developing network and start marking on that channel. Take part in conversation, events, seminar, business show, programmer arranged by business community of your region.
  10. Be a guest Writer on Others Website: Writing on other popular website of your niche can get you some level of achievements. Basically it is a true way to fetch great number of clients since your loyal readers will always follow you even you are not the mother site. You can mention the name of your site at the end of the writing. Therefore, if you gain trust of visitors then this can get you enormous business right away.

So no more waiting, you have all freedom to advertise your business with some or all of the shown ways. You will find more valuable tips on doing business online on our blog, have look!!

4 Reasons Why Consistent Blogging is Crucial for Online Success

Having a rich blog section is considered as the asset for success in doing business online. That’s why currently market experts are providing more emphasis on blogging than other marking strategy.  Literally dedicated blogger usually able to earn more trust of the visitors thus they have better opportunity of conversion. But you may have question in mind why consistent blogging is so much important than other marking strategies. There are lots of reasons hiding behind this after completing this article you will able to get some of them. To be frank you doesn’t matter you post everyday or weekly basis, consistent blogging is basically means publishing post maintaining schedule.

  1. For Taking Advantages of Search Engine Optimization
    Consistent blogging means new constants on your website so that your contents and pages crawled by Google regularly. On other side visitors who love to read will find your blog more enjoyable and keep returning for updated contents. So you will lucky to have more engagement with potential clients. Therefore, longer visiting time and lower bounce rate per visitors will greatly increase the ranking of search engines. Google and other search engines keep an eye on your blog and will give greater boosts of SEO if the updated frequently.
  2. Blogging helps to Establish Authority
    If you are a consistent blogger and your contents are useful for target clients then it will establish your image as an authority in their eyes. For service professional this works greatly. So the impact of educational blog post is immense and this will leads to close relations with the loyal clients. If a sales website is furnished with answer of common questions written by stuff of the company the clients much more like to involve in sales process by trusting what you have.
  3. New keyword Integration
    If you have already studied about the search trend of people then it might be known to you that about 116% of the searches involve keywords which were never used before.  The main keywords cover only 20% of the search and rest 80% of the traffic combines long tail keywords. An updated blog always have more long tail keywords and more opportunity to have readers.
  4. Possibilities of More Conversion
    More traffic coming to your site means you have lots of possibilities to convert that traffic into leads thus more profit is waiting for you. The every new page you are writing is the opportunity to generate new leads.

All these reasons showing the importance of publishing fresh contents regularly on blog. Consistent blogging is core in getting success of growing online presence and getting attention of customers.

Importance of Evergreen Contents For Your Blog

Evergreen contents are so much important for growing any business but many business owners overlook this fact and they miss the possibility of business they could have.

What Evergreen Content really means?

Evergreen Content refers to contents which never goes outdated. Actually it means a fresh piece of content that always attract visitors. Usually such types of contents never need to be updated and without any change they are keep value to readers.

Evergreen Must Encompass the Following Characteristics:

  1. Everlasting
    Evergreen contents must have the attribute of stands with time. The content will need not to change any way to keep its value.
  2. Rich Quality
    Content should be standard, enough so that they could able to noticed by views at the first sight. Evergreen contents are identified by the attribute of popularity. The content of your site which feel to be valuable to most of your visitors when it published are counted as evergreen content.
  3. Intuitive Attribute
    Evergreen content must the written in a way that discuss on any given topic in details so that the reader gets in depth knowledge on the specific topic. To create such contents you may need to invest lots of time but they are things of great value in deed.
  4. Examples of Evergreen SitesHare we have included example of some evergreen site; it will be helpful to understand the way they followed and you will able to set your objective to be like them.

    Large number of quality evergreen articles is regularly published by these websites. Especially I would like to mention the site ‘Wikipedia’ which ranks higher on Google. Do some study on these sites and identify the lacking and achievements they have.

  5. Advantages of having Evergreen Content on Blog You will be benefited largely if you have a blog full of evergreen contents. Some of them are mention below:


Evergreen contents become a topic of concern among webmaster considering its value for site. What do you think about it? To express you opinion drops a few line here.

7 Strong Reasons for Using Video Marketing Strategy

Over the time concept of marketing has been changed a lot and you must have to follow contemporary marketing strategy and recent trend to expand your business effectively. Millions of markets are exploiting the advantage of video marketing for promoting their brand and products extensively.

  1. 1. Serve Information Faster

People are eager for information but they don’t like to spend 20 minutes for reading an article rather than watching a video of 2 minutes. Therefore using a video let marketers to focus important points to target audience without waste of much time for it.

  1. 2. Maximum Exposer

You are able to place videos anywhere on your site even anywhere on the internet for getting maximum number of exposer. There are lots of video hosting site out there which let you show your video without any charges. The amazing fact is that you can get millions of hit from the site like Vimeo and YouTube. You can also optimize your video with appropriate keywords to rank top in the search result pages to obtain exposer to millions of potential buyers instantly.

  1. 3. Gaining Trust of Clients

Some consumers are skeptical and they want to buy products after getting positive review from previous user of the products. If you add overview videos and positive feedback of loyal clients it will help you greatly to get some new potential clients.

  1. 4. Increase Engagement of Customer

The best thing about video marketing is that it increase the time spent of the visitors largely. It is believed that the more time any visitor spends on any site the more you gain his thrust. And video marketing will let your audience remember about your site more than other marketing strategy. Thus Webmaster considers this tool most effective for presenting products and services in best possible way.

  1. 5. Low cost for marketing

The advancement of technology has made this marketing tool quite easy to adopt. The production cost of videos is very cheap. The related other cost regarding camera, microphone, editing software are available at very cheap now a days. Many companies are now offering promotional customized videos with very affordable price.

  1. 6. Good for SEO

Placing video link will increase the number of traffic to your site since they are far more enjoyable than text. Similarly if you share your videos on social media platform they will be viral fast. All these activity will make people more aware about your offered business and services. In the same time search engines and visitors will find your site more reliable. So the advantage of video marketing, you need not to go though much competition with text content based websites to be ranked.

  1. 7. Increased Sales

From the recent studies we have found that additional description of products significantly increase the sell. This happens because the audience finds the video review more appealing to make their decisions. Moreover it creates positive impression about the seriousness of the organization and the consumer believes that the company cares about their customer’s need.


In fine, Most of the webmaster considers video advertising is more affordable and most effective for their business. Therefore you have enough reasons to start video marketing. If you know more than the above mentioned points let us learn about that.

5 Google Analytics Features To Better Understand Your Business

Google analytics is one of the most popular Google’s services that millions of webmasters are using over the decades.  To be frank, it’s a pretty cool premium service which provides service for free of cost to its clients. We often think it is just a tracker and generates report for websites traffic but literally it’s not just all.  Google also provides premium analytics service for its subscriber oriented to enterprise user and additional service for mobile apps and SDK.

If you have a business website you must need to use analytics features to drive large number of traffic to your site. After completing this article you will able to know how Google analytics helps user to optimize its business.

    1. It helps to determine origin of your traffic
      You might have already identified that Google analytics shows how many visitors you are getting everyday with their country of origins. It will help you largely to manage your advertisement you want to show on your site since you know your visitors. You will find it under visitors menu.
    2. You will able to learn which keywords fetching you visitors
      If you able to know which keywords are brining your visitors to your site it will help you greatly to ranked higher in future. It is apparent that you can exploit the features to add more related content to your site to achieve more potential clients. Along with this the identification of least searched keywords will help you to improve the number of quality content. This tracking option can be enabled from search settings tab under the profile settings menu.
    3. It makes you learn bounce rate of the website and average time spent
      This feature basically helps website owners to identify which pages are performing best. The status of bounce rate and average time spent actually provides clue about most popular content of your page.  So you can make sure that your website will have more similar content by taking advantage of it.
    4. It helps to identify the Devices your visitors are on
      Under the visitors menu you will find mobile visitors option and this feature will shows number of visitors you are getting from mobile and visitors from desktop. If your site has large number of visitors from mobile devices then you will need to have a separate mobile website or a responsive site which will perform better for mobile devices.
    5. Helps to identify Shopping Carts abandoned Stage
      Google analytics has professional determination features which lets you tack where most the visitors are giving up. Many potential clients leave if the checkout steps are too long. So you will able to take necessary steps to reduce the time duration for checkout process and will able to increase you sell as well.

In fine, Google Analytics could be your best assistant if you mage to utilize it perfectly.  Each top ranked websites owner found to use Google Analytics. To achieve the desired goal with traffic, installation is not enough along with this you must need to identify the loopholes and inferiors parts your site.

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Link Building & The Future Of SEO

Over the years, We have seen link building had a significant role of SEO ranking. Still now it helps you to get ranked. The SEO myth was, get good back link as much as you can. Well, link building is not going to work in near future.

So what should you do now? Improve user experience. Google wants your website mobile friendly. Google gives emphasis for the website that is show optimized content for all devices. So it is going to be the major SEO issue than anything else.

 Why Google Emphasis On User Experience?

Google makes a large amount of money from ads. Just think, if you do a google and find a website that is not relevant. What should you do?

You will not use google anymore, right?

So Google always try to give you best relevant result. That is why it does not going to emphasis on link building. It goes for user experience.

Surely link building will help search engine crawl your website. But Google will rank website that provide most user friendly experience with no links than a website that has thousands of back link.

So, what is the relevant search result?

I believe following terms will define the relevant result….

So you see the website that provide best user experience is going to win this race. That means, Good content, Image, Videos etc will help you to rank better at the long run.


I did not ask you to stop making back link. But you should more focus about user experience. Link building can not be your main focus. As you know loosing rank is really easy than getting it. So if your website is not going to give better user experience you will loose ranking very soon and eventually all of your hard work will be gone.


Some Suggestion:

Check out more SEO tips here.

Why do you need a support portal for your own business?

Most of us want our website looks great. We invest money and time to get it. Basically we are more focused to get more clients. But we actually do not care about a active support portal to provide support for our clients.

If you want return customer the must have element is a great support portal. Just think about it. When you buy WordPress theme from us you make sure that you will get support. It is also true about your own business.

It is not easy to make a support portal but if you can make it you can expect more revenue at the long run.  Here we will tell you what makes the support portal work for your business.

What is the best way to reach you?

Tell your customers the best way to reach you. It is really easy. Put your phone and email address or a link to the contact us page or at the top of your help center. So your users can reach you easily.

Add a live chat option

It is not a mandatory but it helps you to get more trust among your customers. As you know it require a lot of effort to run a live chat option on your website. You probably know, hard works always reward itself.

Add a search button in your support portal

If you provide a search option in your website it might help your customers to find what they need easily. Actually it does not takes a lot of effort to add a search option. In your WordPress admin panel you can easily add a Search Widget.

Write article to help your customer when they are lost

Most of all you need to some article so that your website visitors can get some help. Though the best way to help your clients is video tutorials.


The the main goal behind this article is not only helping your clients but also help you to understand that an active support center can save a lot of time from your end. The support articles can let you do the business as you will get less support call. The bonus is you will get some happy clients. Is not it cool?

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