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10 Ways to Increase Visitor On-Page Time and Drop Your Bounce Rate

10 Ways to Increase Visitor On-Page Time and Drop Your Bounce Rate

Do you have recently checked analytics of your website? What does it says? If the conversion rate is less than your desired then it might be the bounce rate that is lowering you in the market. It seems that visitors visit your site land on your homepage but don’t give you enough time convert them. Feeling bad? Don’t be since the task is quite simple in nature and pretty good in generating results. The average bounce rate of your site is below 34% then it is high time you need to work on...

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10 Tools To Create Beautiful Social Media Images

Visual content adds real value to social media along with textual content. Here you will find 3 survey data about how the images act as currency. First of all, about 66% of social media posts include images. You might learn that Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest allow sharing greatest number of photos and only Facebook has a user of 350 million. Sharing images in social media is identified as crucial media optimizing tactic. Outside of social media the situation is same; we have found that...

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How to Clear Browser Cache and Why It is Important

If you are a regular user of internet you might have heard about the term ‘cache memory’ which is associated with browser. But most of the user doesn’t have any clear idea about this topic and they usually miss to manage this properly. In this article we will try to have you brief idea about cache memory and we will also serve the technical details of clear theme periodically. What’s a Browser cache? A cache may be defined as the repository for stored data that is usually used to reduce...

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Most Effective Ways to Share Posts Automatically Using WordPress

Share Posts Automatically: More traffic is generated form more sharing of your blog post to different social network platform. But it is not time convenient to login to different site individually and post your content personally. If you are so much busy and do not get much time to spend on sharing then automatic sharing with several plugins is the best choice for you.Here I will introduce some significant ways which are using by several professional bloggers to share posts...

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