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How a blog comment can bring targeted uniques visitor?

How a blog comment can bring targeted uniques visitor

Most of us think that blog commenting is a very low category way to get targeted traffic. It is because we normally hire a guy with very little salary and ask

them to comment. They normally write….

It is good post
I like this post
Very good post and I like it
and so one..

You see those comments looks spammy. You will not get good traffic from those type of comments. First you have to admit people who read comments are willing to

learn more that is why they are reading comment so that they can learn something more from comments. It is the truth. If you can offer them some more information only they your comment will work as a real source of traffic.So you can take advantages of providing some more information to the readers to write around 2-3 paragraphs by either describing something in the article or contributing something completely different than that of the article. If you do not have enough knowledge about your niche you should study before a wise commenting.

You have to admit it that your comment can act as a pre-sell letter that can increase your sell. This is the most important part that not to be spammy.  If your comment is well enough to attract the readers attention and informative the readers are more likely to click your link and will sign up in to your auto responder.

I usually end my comment like this.

( nick name ) www.mydomainname.com

If you can follow this then a few commenting will do than that of doing thousand of spammy comments.

Hope this helps.


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