WordPress Theme Club ( $0.4/Theme )

Hello Warrios!

This is Sabbir. As you know I am not a native English speaking people. So please do not expect a rocket science English here 🙂 What I do is solid coding. I am not like other marketer. Why? Because….


  • I develop my own product and sell online.
  • I used my own theme to make this website. I could not use it, if it was not SEO optimized & fast loading, right?
  • Me and my team make sure that your theme is always up to date with latest WordPress updates.
  • I do not have affiliates to promote my products. So I can offer a low rate that none can offer.
  • I personally provide best support in the industry for my products.
  • I also have people working for me to get you best support while I am not around.

You might think…..So what’s the big deal here?


Well, there is something you should consider while developing a website. Specially when you are going to use WordPress. You will find a lot of WordPress themes that shows you a lot of functionality. Definitely those are cool and I like them ( you know, I like more functionality ). I like to make my clients website with style. I feel flexible to work with shortcodes to make website layouts. But you might not be like me. If you are not that much a developer you might need to spend hours to learn and even you might need to hire a developer like mine and as you know, my hourly rate is currently $50 while I am writing this (most of the time I call it affordable, lol). So you actually need a website that is really straight foreword and will take less time from your end to develop.


What a good marketer will do? If they find a problem they give people the solution and make some money. Well, that is the main logic behind the creation of WpMania. Thousand of people are using my themes now! They are easy to use and you can make a website just like any of the demo within few minutes.


Well, enough is enough. Get the deal now!


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That is only $0.45 per theme!


*You will get access to all my future themes for next one year as well when you buy this bundle. All the themes comes with developer lisence. So you are free to use theme on your own and your clients website.

It is special offer, right? Well, I will make this deal more valuable now. You will get at least 2 new themes each month along with this purchase. That means you are going to get 24 more themes for the next one year.


Happy Theming!

Dr. Sabbir H