WordPress Websites are potential platform that is vulnerable to hacking and many webmaster are struggling to cope with the security issue. To prevent the possible change of being hacked our intelligent team has identified some basic precautions that might be helpful in this regard. This article will not merely serve the needs of fixing any problem after the hacking is done rather it will be beneficial for the specific security concerns.

8 Intelligent Ways for Securing WordPress Website

Why Secured WordPress Website Becomes Victim of Hacking?

The core elements of WordPress are extensively secure and hacker doesn’t get enough vulnerable pathways to access the heart. Therefore without targeting the default system which is known as hard nut to crack, hackers usually go towards poorly-coded plugins, chosen passwords, lax file permissions and system update. It really isn’t that complicated to harden WordPress and keep it secure. Let’s learn how the operation can be done properly.

If you have lots of passion about your current website and don’t want to lose it then you must be serious about the security issue and you should deal with all of the hassle of dealing with the fallout of a hacked site. Apart from this image of a business website mostly depend on clients security and you may lose your clients as soon as you image is down of being hacked. So literally you can’t ignore the issue. So map your strategy right now to protect your site and go for it.

5 Best Plugins For The Security Of Your WordPress Website

Website hacking is quite common presently. And you may lose your organized site with all of its associated data. But we don’t take care of the security on web until it is too late to loosing anything. On average, 30,000 new websites are hacked each day. Only spending a little amount of time you will be able to protect your website form being hacked.

In this article you will familiar with some elegant security tools which have been using by webmaster over the decades.

Vulnerabilities which are threat to Web security

Most of the WordPress websites are vulnerable to wide range of potential hazards due to their poor structure. Only updating the typical files and using strong password is not enough for saving WordPress websites. To be honest these fields are covering only a little portion of the total vulnerability really you have.

Following aspects should be kept under consideration:

Are you surprised to see the huge list? Truth be told, those particular items are only the surface of the overall web securities the real situation is more complicated than you are acknowledged. And using only one plug in may not be able to manage the holes of securities of a website.

Best WordPress security plugins for Prime web security

With a robust web security your site will stand out among you competitors. According to a survey we came to know that most of the site owner does not look into the matter until its tool late. It is much hard to get protection against a targeted attack. Hope you will find the following plugins useful for your website.

1.  iThemes Security

This popular plugin comes with both with free and premium versions with added functionality. Your site will ready to go with one-click activation for most features, as well as advanced features for experienced users. This Plugin lets you improve security of your website in more than 30 impressive ways. If you are not acknowledged of vulnerability of your site then you don’t have to lift too much burden, only installing this plugin will simply lock your website with protection shield. It will fix holes, stop automated attacks, and strengthen user credentials. You will able to scan you site regularly for malware automatically each day and with any detection of threat you will get notification by mail.

iThemes Security has the following security shield features:

2. Wordfence

Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin

It protect you website with business class security. As far as I know it serves the constant defense with updated web firewall. It gives you the report about real time visibility of attempt of hacking attacks.

Following features are associated with Wordfence:

If you integrate this plugin it will make a dimensional change of your website to improve the security a lot.

3. All in One WP Security

All in One WP Security ensure your web security by helping you to detecting different weak points of your website. It will force you to follow different good security practices that you must need to do for safety of your site. It implements the specific firewall rules according to your activated features. Without breaking the flexibility and functionality you will able to set fire wall rules. And it will take care of responsiveness of your site and let not slowdown your website.

Its impressive features will elevate the security of your website to a new level. Some of the strong features are:

4. Sucuri Security

It is primarily works by showing you the possible future attacks of your site.  Basically it monitors the level of security you are following. Eventually it allows you to keep an eye on the vulnerability of your website.  Sucuri Security goes through your entire websites and checks the theme, plugins and add-ons you are using. This Plugin is also powered with the ability to supervise malware.

It Act as watchdog for your website with the following features:

5. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is relatively classic than the other web security plugins I have mentioned hare. It comes with the defense mechanism several known and unknown web attacks. It is proved quite efficient with the technical security options it includes. Website performance is just as important as website security. BulletProof Security is website performance optimized with website owners best interests at heart. BulletProof Security does NOT abuse the WordPress Database by making excessive MySQL Queries.

You might be interested after a short review of few of its features:


A robust security management protocol lets your website perform well as well as it confirms your position on web. Remember that, with the higher profile your site becomes the greater the risk of a targeted attack. After going through my article you are now conversant with the popular plugins which have been using by many webmasters and website developers. So make your decision after comparing the features and performance of these plugins and also considering your needs. You will get additional features with the premium plugins. If you have enough budgets then you may left the free one and go for the premium for tight security confirmations.

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