How to change slider height?


Our theme does not allow you to decrease the slider width. But you can change the slider height. It is really easy. Go to your WordPress admin panel, then visit slider. Here you will find all available sliders. Click Edit.

Here, you will find option to change the slider image height and width. Remember the slider image height and width does not represent the slider height. This option gives you opportunity to upload smaller images so that your website load fast and become more SEO optimized. Here the default slider image width is 700 pixel and height is 300 pixel. If you decrease the height or width the slider height will be proportionally increased or decreased.

You have to remember, your uploaded slider image must be larger, or equal to the defined value here. Like, here, the slider image size is 700 pixel width and 300 pixel width. So when you upload the slider image the minimum image size should be 700 pixel width and 300 pixel height. Otherwise your slider will not work at all.

If you want to decrease the slider height, either you can decrease the slider image height or increase slider image width. On the other end If you want to increase the slider height, either you can decrease the slider image width or increase slider image height. Say, we need to decrease the slider height… so we will decrease the slider image height here. We will make it 200 pixel. Now Click update. Now refresh your website and you see we just decreased the slider height.

Please visit our website tutorial section for more useful tutorials. Thanks for watching this video.


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Just purchased a theme. Can't say enough about the flexibility of this theme! I asked the the developer a few questions, and not only did he reply to my question in a matter of a few minutes, be also offered to add some more functionality for me at my request that will allow even more options. Sabbir, thanks for some terrific  support, best I've personally seen from any themes I've ever bought...Don't hesitate, this is one of , if not the best wp themes I've ever bought. Thanks Sabbir, great product!Oh, almost forgot, the mobile version of the sites this themes creates are really nice, without any additional work too!

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