WpMania.Net theme ( one theme ) Resell Right

You can purchase resell right for a specific theme from our store from here . It will cost you only $1500

Click below to purchase the resell right for one Theme ( Only $1500 )

After completing your purchase you have to do following things…

1. You have to contact us here  with your order number and the name of ( one only ) the specific template  that you have chosen from our store here 

2. You have to provide us our company details ( 200 to 500 words ) and logo.

Then we will do following things for you…

1. We will remove all branding from entire the template ( the specific one template ) to your own branding.
2. We will set up a license page on our website where we will add your company information ( provided by you ) and will tell that you got the resell right. It is really helpful when you will find people saying that where did you find the resell right?
3. We will send you the theme to you with your own branding.
4. You will get lifetime update for the theme.
5. You will get lifetime theme support. (You can place support ticket anytime as our client, but your client’s support ticket will not be granted)

Thanks in advance


Founder of WpMania.Net


Imagine an all in one service that completely does away with the need of a costly $2,000+/month webmaster! Simple & affordable pricing for all of your website needs​


Customer Feedback

Awesome deal price wise but even better is the fast support. Less than 24 hours and I receive support and fully installed on both my sites and that's including a little tech support I needed for error on my end. Other theme vendors should learn from this guy. Thanks

~ Clay McLaughlin ~

Online Consultant

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