500+ Million Users Can’t be Wrong – Instagram For SEO Advantage

500+ Million Users Can’t be Wrong – Instagram For SEO Advantage

Previously most of the business owner and digital marketer are running towards Facebook and Twitter since these two platforms are considered best fort their purpose since they have highest number of audience. Over the time the view of seeing potential platform has been changed now social marking has taken over by Instagram . Presently most of the national and multinational organization with variant of business field has profile with Instagram . Many of us ignore this platform due to its specific attribute of sharing only images. But the amazing fact is this photo and video sharing platform has the ability to enhance top level involvement of your clients. This happens due to the attribute of highest level of interest like comment and share of your shared content.

Another advantage of this social platform is business friendly perspective. This platform changes on regular basis and new features added as well. Therefore it is really easy to build strong presence on web through Instagram  and you can have dynamic ways of amplifying your brand right away.

  • Plan for Developing Strategy
    Before you start you need to develop an intensive elaborate strategy. First of all determine a goal like what you expect from Instagram  for your business. The first step should be defining target audience, their needs, their desire and their inspiration. A clear understanding of the clients will lead you to success. Consider using some professional tools like Demographics Pro for thorough research.
  •  Client Focused Profile
    Instagram  allows you to create some information about the brand and it will derive the huge traffic for sure. But for this you need to build an easy to access profile. Try to follow the given way to make it simple.
  • Create A Business Username Make your company name simple so that is can be can be simply recognized. If the company is already determined then choose the best possible name associated with your brand for your profile.
  • Add a Professional Profile Picture It is best to use company logo or symbol as profile picture of you id. It will make your clicents aware about your band identity.
  • Include a Short bio Bio should be brief and it should not be more than 150 characters. It can be your brand slogan and outline of the working arena.
  • Visual Content posting On Instagram  Content is the key to success of developing professional profile. Visual representations are the crucial fact for this platform since Instagram  is primarily a photo sharing platform. You can hire a professional freelancer photographer or graphic designer for this purpose to represent the profile in the style that your company follows.  Choose a color that is perfectly matched with the brand you are offering. As the colors, composition of the images is also does matter makes sure that elements are properly defined.
  • About Video Content Why not you post videos to your account as well? But their duration should be limited to 1 minute only. I can be in a form that share some info or just make a little fun. You need to always remember about the quality, lighting and sound. When you’re uploading your video, choose its cover wisely. If your cover is interesting, the number of views will drastically increase.
  • User generated content Customer centric approach is one of the important facts that greatly increase recognition of the profile.  It is the way to utilize the followers you have.  Search and find your niche oriented post of others and share them by giving credit to the authors the suitable way to be viral.To understand if it’s really worth sharing, answer these four questions-
    • Does this fit my niche?
    • Does this fit my brand?
    • Is it straightforward and clear?
    • Does it seem interesting or inspiring to my audience
  • Try Instagram  ads Ads are an effective paid tool for reaching your objectives. Various advertising solutions with three ad formats will help you drive awareness and increase sales. Even if you’re new to advertising, working with Instagram  ads will be easy for you. Set parameters for your target audience, select the best advertising solution, and start your campaign.
  • Use Analytics Tracking your success is the only way to know what should be improved or changed in your strategy. Let’s see what metrics you should be tracking on Instagram . With the launch of Instagram  business tools, you can track most of these metrics within the app itself. Learn more about the behavior and demographics of your audience to improve your content according to their needs.  Insights  feature  metrics  such  as  impressions  and  engagement,  top  posts,  and  reach.  You’ll also get useful data about your followers: their gender, age and location. Insights become available within 7 days of your business profile’s activity.Followers: install Followers+ to see who has followed/un-followed your account. Keep in mind that following thousands of people looks weird, so un-follow users that don’t follow you anymore for a better follower balance.
    • Mentions and shares: these go alongside on Instagram because you won’t see if somebody shared your content unless they tag you. This data is available in the feedback section.
    • Likes and comments: do positive or negative opinions prevail? Which of your posts have the most comments and likes?
    • Reach and impressions. Reach shows the real number of people that have seen your post. Impressions show the potential number of times your content was seen.
    • Traffic: the number of people drawn to your website via Instagram

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