Approaches to increase page view and Engagements of Visitors to your WordPress Website

You have a beautiful website with rich content but visitors are not providing enough time to stay on your page to see what you would have to offer them. These types of incidence are quite common which is now experienced by many website owners. If you have analyzed visitor’s data you will note that you are getting many visitors but losing them in few seconds. That means they have not got the topic for which they came to your site. If fail to impressed your viewers with your site in first sight, they leave immediately to another.

Approaches to increase page view and Engagements of Visitors to your WordPress Website

Why Page Views is a Vital Issue

Practically we love to get the largest point in our real life. Be honest, you will certainly impressed with the rich people or people with huge popularity.  In term of a nice website rich with healthy contents you must seeking for the desired result. But you page view is poor then it is certainly an issue which needs care.

Top two reasons why you should consider page views:

  1. To Increase Advertising Revenue: Most of the advertiser seeks for page view before they rent space for showing advertisement. So if you plan to sell space for add purpose then page view count is important. Consequently a higher page view will generate more revenue form advertiser. If you able to increase view of your site then you will have the chance to get more earning.
  2. To Increase Conversion Rates: To convert your visitors into buyers you have to ensure their persistence on your page for logger time. You may have email subscriptions or other completing features to keep them on your site for a much more time. The more time visitors spend on your site the more time you to get their confidence on you.  Now we have two rigid reasons why you should care about page view.

How to Increase Page Views on Your Website

If you are getting visitors but pages view is not satisfactory then there is something wrong with your website. To increase persistence of visitors in your websites you have to improve visual experience by re-evaluating you site.

  • Serve the needs of Visitors fast: You should create a clean and informative website which is fully optimized for the needs of your visitors. You have to set a target group and ensure that you website is furnished enough with quality content to help their requirements. Some people who arrive at your site might be put off, but your core demographic will feel right at home and, therefore, more likely to interact positively with your content. You will be able to get their attention you able to keep their expectations. Make everything of your site visible and ensure easy navigation through different menu and pages. If you want to have them for more time you must have to serve them for which they actually came to your site. If they don’t get the required things in few clicks, they will leave your site in no time. If you have something to offer them then make their concept clear about your offered products. If your site is working for providing beneficial information about treatments of different diseases then, make it easy for them to find that information. In a nutshell, you have to ensure you are providing the right things what are expecting by your target visitors. You certainly have a nice design with good navigations, but never forget the core purpose of your website. Otherwise visitors may assume you as non-professional in serving on web.
  • Create impression at first sight: Form various researches we have learnt that audience takes less than few seconds to decide either tahy will stay or leave a website. So it is so much crucial to having an impressive website to fascinate visitors at first sight. So the first meeting with your site should not be negative. But it is not easy to get an appreciating result easily. We know the content is the supreme thing that is important to impress both the visitors as well as search engine. But the hidden truth is that your visitors may not have enough time see your contents. The design and presentation is the first thing that make your visitors concern about worthiness for your website. In the blink of an eye, web surfers make nearly instantaneous judgments of a web site’s “visual appeal.” Through the “halo effect” first impressions can color subsequent judgments of perceived credibility, usability, and ultimately influence purchasing decisions of visitors. Creating a fast-loading, visually appealing site can help to get you to your aim finally.Recent Studies have shown that 90% of the visitors discard a website due to its design related aspects. The noisy elements of your site could include cloudy homepage, busy layout, crowded text, bad combination color. If you get a wrong design with good content then you will fail tom stick your visitors to your site.
  • Content is the King: I have already told that content does not paly vital role for making first impression. But content is always the burning issue which determines how you can earn more confidence of your clients. After the first meeting you must need quality content to make them come to your site regularly.You have to know you customer well to serve their needs. You will find that your customers are different and they are looking for different form of content like video, audio and text. So should identify needs of your visitors and serve according to their needs as well.
  • User Experience: User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with a specific company, its services, and its products. User experience focuses on having a deep understanding of users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations.  It also takes into account the business goals and objectives of the group managing the project. UX best practices promote improving the quality of the user’s interaction with and perceptions of your services.You may goes with the latest trend like parallax scrolling, animated CSS effects, video slider, floating header and many others. It may make your site eye-catching and holds your visitors for few minutes. But these types of strategies may not work always for all groups of visitors.

Here you will get some ideas about improving user experience:

  • Easy access to other content of your site: Make all your content visible and available to your visitors. Your visitors may come to your site for a specific content but you can link the other useful old contents with the new one. In this way they will easily learn about your offering and resources easily and this will hold them to your site for few more time. Internal linking between your own content is a great way to encourage more page views. Allow displaying links to related posts, either with a plugin or by coding it into your theme yourself.
  • Ensure consistency throughout the website: If you will able to maintain consistency over all the page f your site it will help to improve user experience and you will ultimately get more page view which will enhance conversion rate. You must have a flexible navigation on your sit with creative site map to guide your visitors into your content and resources. Confusing navigation can have a dramatic increase in website bounce rates. Make you visitors clear about the path using which they may reach to their desired content. At the first visit of your site your Visitors check out and learn to use your site. Next time when they visit your site again they if they find a changed navigation of your site they feel tired. Especially visitors form mobile feel it much boring and reject a website with complex navigation.Branding encodes several elements which make consistency of any website. Maintaining consistency across your site, with respect to its branding, improves readability, makes navigation easier, and improves the overall user experience. The combinations of logo, color, icon and other should be consistent. Keeping your design consistent over all the addition pages is important. This makes your website more memorable and something that won’t be forgotten as soon as a visitor leaves you site.
  • Ensure your site load Fast: It is evident that if a website takes more than three seconds to load on browsers Visitors consider that side as non-commercial and they move away towards another site. There are lots of suggestions waiting for you on web, using which you can reduce the loading time of your website. For doing this effectively you have to determine your visitors are on which device. Which devices are using most to visitor your site? Then you have to develop a mobile responsive website. So that visitors form all types of device can get access to all of the elements of your site. Thus you will able to sever the best visual experience for your target clients and ultimately this will draw you to your aim of getting more attention of visitors.
  • SEO optimization: To improve you page view and to pull huge traffic to your website you need have a website with proper SEO regulations. You may have website rich with dynamic contents but page view is disappointing then then you are lacking of search engine optimization.  Some cool plugins are proved effective to manage this issue in no time. Yoast SEO is one of the popular plugins which is using by blogger to keep search engines on their track.

Continuous Evaluation

You need to update over the time to keep pace with the trend. You can follow the guidance mentioned above and apply any of them. But before doing these you really need to measure page view and other user metrics. In this way you will have a plan to reach the future. You can choose the set of strategies. You can apply one by one and after implementing any of these you have to measure the result of that specific one.  Split testing on different element let you know which is lowering your conversion rate and improve them as well.

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