It is quite easy to add CSS to admin page WordPress. All you need to get access to your functions.php file. Add put the following code in there and you are good. Plain simple huh??

How to Add CSS to Admin Page WordPress

add_action('admin_head', 'my_custom_admin_page_css');
function my_custom_admin_page_css() {
echo '<style>
/* Your CSS will go here */
font-size: 15px;

You might have a great looking site with great SEO optimized content. But what if the content is not going viral. What should you do?

Hi there, This is Dr. Sabbir H and here I am going to share with your few WordPress plugins that will help your WordPress site go viral.

Here are the plugins for you…..




3 Amazing WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Website Go Viral How to Clear Browser Cache and Why It is Important

If you are a regular user of internet you might have heard about the term ‘cache memory’ which is associated with browser. But most of the user doesn’t have any clear idea about this topic and they usually miss to manage this properly. In this article we will try to have you brief idea about cache memory and we will also serve the technical details of clear theme periodically.

What’s a Browser cache?

A cache may be defined as the repository for stored data that is usually used to reduce the wastage of time that needs to process any data. In context of internet browsers cache is used to store data of HTML web pages by copying some elements of visited pages through the browser and then using that copy to render when user visit the page again. Browser of present era is coded in this way to make them faster than earlier.

Where the Cache Located?

Cache is actually located on the hard disk of the user’s computers the place is basically selected and used by browser to save data for future use.

How it works

When any user visit any site for the very first time the respective browser download some common content of the page like logo, in the cache. Suppose the logo is integrated on each of the page of the website. Here when the user visit any other page of the website the Browser don’t download the logo again and it show the logo form the previously saved  cache and certainly it enormously reduce the time consumption in deed.

Why Cache Need to be Clean Periodically

Even though cash memory is good for getting advantage on slow network but is has some problem as well. Cache sometimes gets confused and it load page or pictures in incomplete ways or shows them in wrong places.  The cache usually has a size limit, which you can usually configure. When the cache gets full, the items in it that haven’t been used in a while are discarded to make more space.

Clearing The FireFox’s Cache

For showing example we have used version 43.

Clearing Chrome’s cache

We have used Chrome version 47.0. For the work

Clearing Internet Explorer’s cache

We have used Internet Explorer 11 for the Task

In fine, cache is cleaned means your browser is going to download fresh copies of everything you are now seeing on a defined web page. The reason for what you might need to clear the browser cache is apparently of speeding your computer. It is recommended as because it is beneficial to improve a sluggish computer. Even sometime it is more effective than disk defrag or registry cleanup, where so many efforts are focused.

We have spent lots of time behind the design and functionality of the WordPress site but even after all the efforts you might not able to achieve the desired level of success. The hope behind the entire task is to make the buyers convinced to purchase, subscribing or getting them as premium member. It is not that you are not in the right path it may be the situation when your clients is not just ready to be converted.

10 Simple Ways to Convert Casual Visitors into Paying Customers

Let’s think like a customer. Suppose you want to buy a WordPress theme and you are searching on different websites who sell themes.  Now you find that one of the websites has real promise and the price and features are satisfactory. But you may think why not search for another site for better one certainly a pop-up message shows a special discount for you and the offer will be counted only if you buy within next 30 minutes. It will stop you for few minutes and you will certainly think again. Our article is about how you can focus on those last minutes tricks which improves conversion rate.

The Art of Having Conversions

Do you like to afford the loss of revenue or traffic as because you have too many visitors backing out of your site or abandoning their purchases? Not really.  You have designed your website for your business purposes so that you can sell your brand, and to give your customers what they want. But the website is not able to make the deal in spite of being perfect here are some tricks which can be used to prevent further conversion loss:

#1: Exit-Intent Tools

To convert visitors many technologies are at our hands they try to convert visitors till to the last moment. When the visitors try to exit the site move to another site a POP arise with alluring message.

The primary goal of such message is to serve the visitors a final opportunity to be converted.


The strategy of exit-intent technology should design in way that does not kill much time of the visitors otherwise it may prove bad for you. Action should be simple and the message should be quick and snappy. Message should be brief and convincing.

#2: Scroll-Triggered Light boxes

This technology is similar to exit intent-pop ups with some modifications like…

  1. This type of message box shows during scroll and it do not triggered by attempt of leaving the site.
  2. It comes with more targeted focus as it pertains content oriented message

Such tools are good for websites with long and monotonous content as people start to move on the same page by scrolling they get lucrative pop up message with light box style and it actually makes lot of sense to stick to action.

We have enlisted some pattern of scroll-triggered pop-ups; hope it will be helpful for increasing engagement:


Make sure that the scroll-triggered messaging would not distract your visitors. You should take only few seconds of your clients for showing such light box.

#3: Post-Exit Follow-Ups

Webmaster generally consider the tools which works only when the visitors are on the site but there some killing technology which works one the visitors leave the site. One of the key goals of the marking is to keep in the mind of audience. To make this concept clear I am narrating an example hare.

The magazine ‘New Yorker’ had an offer of subscribing at $ 12. It was quite attractive and I visited the site last week, but still now I am thinking of the offer.  And you know what? I’m probably going to make that purchase because I’ve been thinking about it all week and it just keeps sounding better and better.

Have you ever learnt about retargeting or remarketing? The tool is quite good at recapturing visitor’s attention even after they left your site. And that’s not the only way you can follow-up with visitors once they’ve left. You can also use email to follow up with visitors after they’ve begun the shopping cart process.


To have better conversion you need to guide your visitors gently. You should not put stress to saying over and over ‘Buy Me!, Do This Now!’ or anything like this. You’ve got to first understand what it is that drew those people to your site then take actions based on that.

7 Helpful Tips for Preventing Lost Conversions

Typically for calls-to-action form for a website developer tends to focus on building the CTAs into a website’s design that guide visitors to a conversion. Like with the standard built-in CTA, these conversion recovery techniques should follow the same logic in terms of construction:

#1: Hit Their Emotions

You will get better conversion if you able to make your visitors engaged psychologically to your business and able to control their thoughts.

#2: Use Urgency

Use language like “Sign up now.” “Identify the truth today.” Or put urgency by showing limited-time special offer.

#3: Add Some Color

Color has the power to deal with certain emotions of the visitors and it will work greatly to last impression of your brand, and sometimes do lot to hold the leaving visitors.

#4: Make it Move

Inside long monotonous content slide show or live chat pop up may bring some joy to readers. Otherwise you can also add a quick video or animation to pop-up. Whichever the movement is, it must be pertinent to the content that visitors are on.

#5: Use Tools

You have access to plethora of tools, plugins, add-ons, and other integrations with which you can make the process easier:

#6: Bounce Exchange

Bounce Exchange has created “intelligent behavioral technology. This is nothing but a exit-intent tool that knows when and how to engage visitors if they’re about to leave.

#7: Optin-Monster’s Exit-Intent Technology

Optin-Monster offers similar service like Bounce Exchange. It works with behavioral technology that identify when your site’s visitors are getting ready to leave. You can choose any of the nine exit-intent pop-up available the options.


Loss of conversion can be refers to a great loss of revenue. If you fail to take safeguard against it you will frustrated with the outcome of your business. No matter you choose any of the tool available from exit-intent technology, scroll-triggered pop-ups, post-exit follow-ups, or something else entirely, just keep in mind that you should use them in proper way otherwise they may convey negative impact.

Even though WordPress is the most popular and powerful platform it becomes stand as point of frustrations. One of the most common technical issues that make the end users overwhelmed understands the admin panel. Webmaster and developer feel annoying when they install lots of codes and plugins and they face lots of error and bug in the system but fail to find any solution of them. The problems are actually evolved from unknown PHP database.

5 Common WordPress Errors and Solutions

Fortunately you are not alone in the vast community of WP. Your superiors have faced similar problems previously and they found the solutions and shared as well for others. We are going to make you familiar with some of the problems and their effective solution.

  1. 500 Internal Server Error It is the most irritating problem that usually faced by beginners and we are supposed to fix this for fresher’s.
  2. Admin Password is Lost & Email Retrieval Is Not Functioning Sometime you may fail to remember your last password thus you are unable to enter your dashboard. In that case you need to try the feature “Lost your password?” to create a new password but it also fails sometimes.
  3. WordPress admin dashboard is not displaying properly The Admin dashboard is not showing CSS. The links are not properly organized. We have two effective solutions of this.


  4. WordPress blog and admin Is showing blank page
    These types of problems usually happen after the installation of new theme or upgrading any part of old theme. If the admin login page and the blog section is showing blank page you will not able to access the dashboard.

  5. You are not authorized to view this page (403 error)
    Often you may find an error message that “You are not authorized to view this page (403 error)” usually after inserting the username and password in the WordPress admin login page.

Final Words
To be frank having issues with WordPress could be a source of frustration it may consume countless hours for troubleshooting. Keep patience and follow the following ways. We are coming soon with new more similar problems and their solution.

The platform of WordPress is supported by enormous community around the world due to the presence of seemingly infinite resources. There are millions of themes are out there to choose from. The novice WordPress user usually feel puzzled while selecting a suitable theme for their blog or website. As because tons of free and premium WP themes are available on web thus selecting one of them makes the developer and webmaster bit overwhelmed.

How To Choose A Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Website

We know it can be exhausting so we compiled a few tips to make choosing a WordPress theme less intimidating.

  1. Free Vs. Premium WordPress Theme
    Free themes are generally coded poorly and they may not suitable for professional use. So price could an indicator that exactly shows how powerful your selected theme is. However, recently some developers provide premium themes for free to get attention of potential clients and for marketing purpose as well. We have tried to list down some positive and negative side of both free and premium themes here.
  2. Advantage of Using Premium Themes

Some Of The Negative Side of Premium Themes

Final Words
Now you have enough knowledge about the criteria of themes available out there and you have to think wisely before your start your journey. There are plenty of free WordPress themes available with new ones being released on a daily basis. But you have to make your decision either you will go for the free staff or you will use the premium themes with best quality and premium customer support. We recommended to justify WpMania, we believe we are highly professional to serve the best in market.

WordPress is considered as the most powerful content management system presently among developers and webmasters due to the presence of versatile environment and lot of custom plugins. The interface of the WordPress is so flexible that anyone can easily plays with the features even without knowing any code. And this is the negative site of WordPress since it can spoil a well-organized custom theme. In this article you will find some code snippets which are used by experienced developer to prevent such time of phenomenon. You can use theses for any projects however they are recommended for professional custom theme development.

How To Remove Sensitive Functionalities From WordPress Editor

Final Note

You might not agree with the topic of disabling default functionality of WordPress but reality is that having too much editing button actually will not bring your much profit and it could a possible source of pain if your clients try to play with them without knowing them better. Actually your task is to deliver a professional website with robust functionality as well as focus on your client’s requirement. Therefore disabling unnecessary and sensitive functionality actually let you be more professional.

Every day Wikipedia gets a large quantity of visitors from Google thus it could be a potential media for doing online marketing effectively. To be honest Wikipedia literally have the power to make your business visible to large number of potential clients. But it is a matter of sorrow that many enterprises still don’t have any page on Wikipedia on the other side mass abuse of Wikipedia platform by some viscous webmasters resulted in deletion of their page.

How to Start and Manage a Company Page on Wikipedia Effectively

That’s why today we are here to make you mindful how you can you create and manage your business company page with Wikipedia effectively.

Everything You Need to Know About Wikipedia

Wikipedia is nothing but a rich online encyclopedia. You can compare it with any highly fortified library of the world since it covers all most all the information on all subjects ever been created. Basically it is a voluntary website thus it does not recruit and writer for its content rather they have opened the platform for general to create and edit post. The things to be remembered, that it requires following some strict rule for editing to prevent abuse of the site. To have an accepted page with Wikipedia for your business you must need to write only objective point of business. You can’t not write in way that sounds like an advertisement rather it should like serving information about your business arena. So be careful if you miss to follow proper guideline your page will be removed by its developer’s team.

Why You Should Use Wikipedia

You might be worried that if anyone can easily edit your page or your page may delete on simple issue. Fortunately anything would not happen to your page until you break any core rule of Wikipedia. Here I have list down some of the benefits of using Wikipedia.

  1. Matter of Reputation Having a business page on Wikipedia is considered as fact of reputation since Wikipedia has already indexed information of large to small enterprises.
  2. Improved Visibility As soon as you create a page on Wikipedia you will able to see the difference in instance. You will must have more traffic and more sell as well as because it build credibility.
  3. Optimizing Search Engines
    External link building with Wikipedia get you a boost in search engine optimization efforts.
  4. More Conversion
    The more you are gaining traffic and achieving their trust the more you are getting conversion so it let you generate more money from your website.

Easy Steps to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Business Website

  1. Follow Wikipedia Writing Guidelines Before you start creating a Wikipedia page for your business website you should know thoroughly which should you do and which not to do.
    1. Never input content in a way that looks like you are showing advertisement.
    2. You should include citable information from online article and post about the company
    3. Content should be standard and should more than few lines.
  2. Subscribe to Wikipedia To create a page on Wikipedia you will  need to have an account for this you have to select a username and a pass word then go to Create an Account Page and create your account, it is quite easy and it takes only a few minutes.
  3. Online Recognition of Your Website  You must have some article published on reputed magazine websites to create company’s Wikipedia page. The articles should be on magazine, newspaper, trade magazines or in the form of eBooks. If you don’t have much content on web you should develop relation with such media to get some online publication which is needed for the Wikipedia page.
  4. You Need to Have a Framework You should develop an outline for Wikipedia page like which information your about to put in the page. You must include some general information like company history, review of products and services.

If you have attentively read the whole article then you are now ready to create your own Wikipedia page for your business website. Fortunately, you can include informative in depth information about your products and services under the Wikipedia page in professional ways.

Advertising is indispensable for growing any business but using the popular traditional advertising media are expensive requires enormous budget which may feel as burden for freelancer and small business owners. Fortunately there are lots of places where you can promote your enterprise for free. Without spending a single penny you can follow the savvy marketing strategy we are about to discuss here.

10 Free Ways to Promote Your Business Locally

Advertise your business Locally – For Free!!

  1. You Must Ensure Your Website have Value for Others: It does not matter whether your business is local or intentional your website should design in a way that it can be easily identified and navigate smoothly. You need to follow some basic rules including maintaining quality of content, focus on specific goal, make it intuitive for target ordinance, appropriate representation of brand, ensure SEO, integration of social media and optimize website for mobile user.
  2. Provide Emphasis on Blogging: Blogging could increase the chance of being noticed by your audience out there as because Google and other search engine crawl informative and beneficial content and consider them as a parameter to create raking for niche websites. So it widely important that your develop quality content and post them regularly on your blog. In addition with SEO needs regular update with new content let you interact with your potential clients and make them aware about your dedication and care which ultimately lead to have conversion.  Make sure that your website has social sharing buttons so the visitors can share them with their near one and this will let your post viral thus more people will discover your brand.
  3. Make Sure that You Arrange a Press Release Each Month: Get in touched with printing media of your locality and ask for opportunity if they have any option to capture your business details and create features on them. Publishing features on your business will give you a boost in your business by increasing the number of new local clients. You need to develop a healthy relationship with the editorial and journalist to convince them for writing on your business.
  4. Focus on Email Marketing Strategy: You can use email marketing software like MailChimp to design and to send email to potential clients this strategy will enable you to track and understand needs of your clients. For getting higher advantage from email marking strategy you will need to grow the database on regular basis. Encourage visitors of your website to sign up for email service.
  5. Utilize Video Content as Marketing Element: YouTube is second most visited website on web. So, why not we take the opportunity to leverage video marketing? You can create video on your offers and services that your business offers and post them on Youtube for free. After that you need to embed code of the video on your website. In this way you will be able to fetch clients from your tube channel to your website.
  6. Index Your Organization on Local Directories: Register with popular local directories is on of the important free way since adding the name of your organization in local directory will help your clients find you easily on webs.  Ensure that you include details about your business but in concise form. The most popular directories are Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing, YellowBook, Linkedln and more.
  7. Try to Proactive on Social Media Platform: You can undoubtedly use popular social media to share your blog content and fetch your target audience group by engaged with them for different session. This a impressive way to get noticed faster. You can create different events, online program and these will let you interact with your desired clients group. You will find Facebook, Twitter, Google+ quite helpful for your social media activity.
  8. Having a Verified Profile with Google+ Local: Google+ Local is a beautiful way to have a remark on Google map about the physical position of your company office location. Google will send a pin number by post to you physical address as soon as you get registered, you need to enter then pin on the listing and start enjoying advantages. This strategy literally does a lot of sense and make sure that you appear on local search. Moreover the service is completely free and it is an opportunity to connect Google+ profile to your Google+ Local listing. However, you can get the pin immediately though mobile number.
  9.  Start Local Networking Events: The most suitable way to grow your business is developing network and start marking on that channel. Take part in conversation, events, seminar, business show, programmer arranged by business community of your region.
  10. Be a guest Writer on Others Website: Writing on other popular website of your niche can get you some level of achievements. Basically it is a true way to fetch great number of clients since your loyal readers will always follow you even you are not the mother site. You can mention the name of your site at the end of the writing. Therefore, if you gain trust of visitors then this can get you enormous business right away.

So no more waiting, you have all freedom to advertise your business with some or all of the shown ways. You will find more valuable tips on doing business online on our blog, have look!!

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