How To Choose A Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Website

The platform of WordPress is supported by enormous community around the world due to the presence of seemingly infinite resources. There are millions of themes are out there to choose from. The novice WordPress user usually feel puzzled while selecting a suitable theme for their blog or website. As because tons of free and premium WP themes are available on web thus selecting one of them makes the developer and webmaster bit overwhelmed.

How To Choose A Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Website

We know it can be exhausting so we compiled a few tips to make choosing a WordPress theme less intimidating.

  1. Free Vs. Premium WordPress Theme
    Free themes are generally coded poorly and they may not suitable for professional use. So price could an indicator that exactly shows how powerful your selected theme is. However, recently some developers provide premium themes for free to get attention of potential clients and for marketing purpose as well. We have tried to list down some positive and negative side of both free and premium themes here.
  2. Advantage of Using Premium Themes
    • Updated
      Premium themes are usually updated regularly to make them compatible with latest web technologies. The owner of such themes is more concern about making them improved to meet the needs of security issue with content management.
    • Uniqueness
      Free themes are available for all it might happen that millions of websites are created on same theme and using the same for your website may harm your professionalism and you may lose trustworthiness as authority over your niche.
    • Easy Documentation
      Premium themes generally come with details menu of use them efficiently but free themes lack such kinds of documentation.
    • Customer support
      Premium themes usually sever premium support and free themes provide poo customer support or they sometimes need extra charge for the extra support which may not be always economical.
    • Attribute Links
      Free themes require showing author name in the footer whereas premium theme does not contain such type of boring non-professional attribute.

Some Of The Negative Side of Premium Themes

  • High Price
    You need have substantial amount of budget for using premium themes since they cost $50 to $200.
  • Complex Admin Panel
    Premium themes contains custom admin panel which may feel as complex to novice user. So such types of themes require professional management and extra cost as well.
  • Unnecessary Features
    Developers want to furnish premium themes with the highest number of features and full fill the themes with tons of plugins and extra skins. This may be unwanted to many users even though they looks gorgeous with those features.
  • Speed issue: Light Vs. Heavy Featured Themes
    Optimizing speed of website is crucial for managing bounce rate and gaining highest success with traffic. Speed is considered as parameter of ranking any website by Google therefore we unable to ignore this at all.
  • Too Much Features Makes the Site Heavy
    Building themes with gorgeous sliders and plugins makes it heavy and the sites takes longer time which a website makes 50 requests for loading java script.
  • Large Content
    Too much background image and video content on the same page makes the page heavy and you don’t expect them to load instantly.
  • Poor Coding
    Poorly coded websites preform bad than clean coded sites. Poor coding includes injecting inline CSS and integrating large images and using obsolete codes not compatible with modern browsers and devices.
  • Design And. User Experience
    It is well known to all that design of website is the central point of attraction and it actually spell the visitors and covert them finally. Design must be relevant to brand and must be eye-catching.For finding websites with good design no need to wander here and there you can go through WpMania it is quite rich in collection. However there is other good one like ThemeForest. Takes some times to justify the demo of each theme and if you feel comfortable and suitable any of them for your niche then that will be your best one. Choose the most fluid theme that is most user friendly according to your assessment.
  • Responsiveness
    On an average 30% of the traffic of any website comes from mobile visitors so optimizing website for mobile and tablets along with desktop and laptop is mandatory. Most WordPress themes are already responsive by default. But there are still sellers who are selling fixed width layouts that are not mobile friendly at all. Make sure that the theme you are choosing for your website is mobile friendly. Premium themes are designed with responsive framework and they adopts smoothly with screen with different size and response smartly with any platform. You will find some responsive theme hare..
  •  Search Engine Optimization
    Many free theme authors does not take proper care for maintaining SEO, like they lack of header and alt tags, duplicate content and dynamic url error. Premium themes usually have much more integration of semantic codes, tags, and clean HTML codes to ensure proper indexing by Google.
  • Ease Of Customization
    Customization option of any theme let you modify o change the look and feel of your website as well it help to yield a site that best represent your brand. Some plugins like visual page composer has simple interface to build complex website without applying any code. Check the admin panel of any given theme to make sure that each section is working well.
  • Security
    There are many factors that affect the security issue of any website like password, plugins, hosting. Before you make your mind to buy any theme you must check reviews of current user and the theme must be from a trustworthy developer. Themeforest and other community websites offer review option for the users. The transparency of this site reveals truth about the themes. If a theme has a security loophole, then customers have probably picked up on it and flagged it in their reviews for future customers.

Final Words
Now you have enough knowledge about the criteria of themes available out there and you have to think wisely before your start your journey. There are plenty of free WordPress themes available with new ones being released on a daily basis. But you have to make your decision either you will go for the free staff or you will use the premium themes with best quality and premium customer support. We recommended to justify WpMania, we believe we are highly professional to serve the best in market.

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