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Animal Care WordPress Theme

Animal Care WordPress Theme

Do you run a Animal Care Business? Then you are at right place. Animal Care WordPress Theme is specially designed for pet sites, animal hospital, veterinary sites, health clinics or even for a blog for pets.
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This Animal Care template is perfect for you, if...

  • you are an entrepreneur, photographer, coach, creative, blogger, or service-based business.
  • You need your website launched... like, yesterday.
  • You are on a budget.
  • You don’t know much about website strategy or conversions… maybe you don’t even know what a conversion is. It’s okay, that’s why we’re here!
  • You are looking for a custom look and feel, but you don’t know how to code or have time to learn. WE FEEL YOU.
  • You want creative liberty and the freedom to work and make tweaks at your own pace, without having to rely on someone else or spend more money for every minor adjustment.

Friendly reminders:
This theme reflect WpMania's tried and tested strategy for highly converting websites. The structure is there for a reason, so trust it!

what you need to know:

  • No guesswork. We’ve made sure to include copy prompts and video walkthroughs to make the entire process seamless and efficient.
  • But is it optimized for mobile? Duh. Does it have a responsive design? Of course. And a user-friendly navigation? You bet.
  • More than just a pretty face. This template was built by top UX and UI experts to optimize conversions.
  • We’re not newbies. Our Sales Page templates use the exact same strategies that have resulted in over 100s successful sales pages within our agency. Tried and tested by the best of the best.
  • Not computer savvy? No problem. It’s ridiculously easy to use.
  • customizable features: brand colors, fonts, photos, video,copy, testimonials, FAQs, CTAs & layout

Animal Care WordPress Theme is a very user friendly and even a newbie can use it. Do you want to change the look and feel your website just like your brand? Okay, then this is perfect theme for you. Animal Care WordPress Theme  comes with unlimited color option. It is easy to make a unique website without doing any coding. The easy to use admin interface will allow you to do it quickly without doing any coding.

You need to get more visibility, right? This  Animal Care WordPress Theme can ensure it. Because, it is a very SEO optimized theme. You will get advantage to get ranked on Google when you will be using this amazing  Animal Care WordPress Theme.

Animal Care WordPress Theme Marketing Features:

There is nothing important than marketing, right? Marketing helps you to make sells and that means you can make some money. So, we have made this Animal Care WordPress Theme a powerful marketing tool for you.  Tap to call phone number on your website will help you get get call from your potential clients. Your website visitors will be able to make call without leaving your website even from a mobile devices.

We also have added interactive slider, call to action text, and featured services above the fold on your website. This way, Animal Care WordPress Theme can ensure to get more conversion rate from your website.

Do you know, a lot of your potential clients visit your website from their mobile devices? Well, we are aware of it. Animal Care WordPress Theme is a responsive WordPress theme. That means it serve optimized content to the mobile devices automatically. So you do not need to make a separate website for mobile devices and this way Animal Care WordPress Theme can save both of your time and money.

You see this Animal Care WordPress Theme is designed very scientifically so that you can focus to your business.

Animal Care WordPress Theme More Advanced Marketing Features:

Custom call to action widgets: Display a call to action text. It can help you to make your visitor to a potential client.

Custom Intro text widget:  You can promote a page or post using this widget very easily.

Custom Featured page slider: You can make a interactive slider showing some featured pages ( services ) on your sidebar. It has true potential to increase interaction with your website users.

Custom Featured post slider: You can make a interactive slider showing some featured  blog post  on your sidebar. It has true potential to increase interaction with your website users.

Custom Featured testimonial slider: You can show some of your clients testimonial very attractively on your sidebar using this widget. Surely it will increase trust among with your visitors.

Custom Form Widget: Easily add a lead capture from on your sidebar when using Animal Care WordPress Theme.

Custom Google Map Widget: When you will be using Animal Care WordPress Theme, you can show your visitor your location very easily using this widget. You just have to add your address and it will show your location automatically on Google map.

How Animal Care WordPress Theme Can Increase Trust Among Your Website Visitor?

Why, do you need to generate trust among your website visitor? Hmm, it is because without this they will not engage with your services. When you are running a animal care business, people need to trust to get your service. Without this people will go with other service resulting you will not be bale to get clients.

We are totally aware about this. Animal Care WordPress Theme have few powerful option built-in to generate trust among your visitors. Animal Care WordPress Theme offer testimonial section and portfolio/gallery section.

You also have option to show a specific testimonial within a page or post. Even you can a attractive featured testimonial slide using our custom widget.

You can make a make a testimonial page very easily. It has option to highlight specific sentence within a specific testimonial as well. It will just give your website visitor more confidence to get service from you, right?

There is nothing powerful other that images. Images have their own language. It can express more than words. Animal Care WordPress Theme comes with portfolio/gallery. So you can easily showcase your portfolio items in a attractive way.

You see, you are are giving you powerful tool to be a successful business owner instead of a plain WordPress theme. Sound coo, right?

Animal Care WordPress Theme Support:

Your business need your time. You will not have to deal with outdated theme. Animal Care WordPress Theme is being updated regularly along with each major WordPress release. So you can focus to your business and we will deal with all the compatibility issues that may arise. When using Animal Care WordPress Theme, you can have peace in your mind that you can get post sell support when you really need it.  We stand behind the great support in the industry.  You are advised to check our testimonial section to justify the truth.

We  also have a tutorial section that can help you to learn our Animal Care WordPress Theme very easily. Actually there are a lot of options and flexibility comes with this Animal Care WordPress Theme. So start playing around it and you are going to love this amazing WordPress theme.

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how it works:

Animal Care WORDPRESS THEME Full Demo