5 Google Analytics Features To Better Understand Your Business

Google analytics is one of the most popular Google’s services that millions of webmasters are using over the decades.  To be frank, it’s a pretty cool premium service which provides service for free of cost to its clients. We often think it is just a tracker and generates report for websites traffic but literally it’s not just all.  Google also provides premium analytics service for its subscriber oriented to enterprise user and additional service for mobile apps and SDK.

If you have a business website you must need to use analytics features to drive large number of traffic to your site. After completing this article you will able to know how Google analytics helps user to optimize its business.

    1. It helps to determine origin of your traffic
      You might have already identified that Google analytics shows how many visitors you are getting everyday with their country of origins. It will help you largely to manage your advertisement you want to show on your site since you know your visitors. You will find it under visitors menu.
    2. You will able to learn which keywords fetching you visitors
      If you able to know which keywords are brining your visitors to your site it will help you greatly to ranked higher in future. It is apparent that you can exploit the features to add more related content to your site to achieve more potential clients. Along with this the identification of least searched keywords will help you to improve the number of quality content. This tracking option can be enabled from search settings tab under the profile settings menu.
    3. It makes you learn bounce rate of the website and average time spent
      This feature basically helps website owners to identify which pages are performing best. The status of bounce rate and average time spent actually provides clue about most popular content of your page.  So you can make sure that your website will have more similar content by taking advantage of it.
    4. It helps to identify the Devices your visitors are on
      Under the visitors menu you will find mobile visitors option and this feature will shows number of visitors you are getting from mobile and visitors from desktop. If your site has large number of visitors from mobile devices then you will need to have a separate mobile website or a responsive site which will perform better for mobile devices.
    5. Helps to identify Shopping Carts abandoned Stage
      Google analytics has professional determination features which lets you tack where most the visitors are giving up. Many potential clients leave if the checkout steps are too long. So you will able to take necessary steps to reduce the time duration for checkout process and will able to increase you sell as well.

In fine, Google Analytics could be your best assistant if you mage to utilize it perfectly.  Each top ranked websites owner found to use Google Analytics. To achieve the desired goal with traffic, installation is not enough along with this you must need to identify the loopholes and inferiors parts your site.

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Decrease your wordpress website bounce rate like a pro without doing any coding

If you are a site owner, I am sure, you must have faced problem with your WordPress website bounce rate. But do you know that there is a solution that you never thought about? it will help you to decrease your WordPress website bounce rate almost immediately and almost not doing anything.  Sounds, fair?  Well, First you have to know, what is bounce to Google.

A visitor is very interested in one of your pages and takes 2 minutes and 13 seconds to read the article. After this he bookmarks the page and leaves. This visitor stayed 2 minutes and 13 seconds on your page, but never interacted with it. To Google that is a bounce! And bounced visits are marked 0:00 Time on Site. Not fair, right?

Another bad scenario A visitor goes to your website and stays 1 minute and 11 seconds on the first page. Then, he goes to a second page where he stays 1 minute and 12 seconds. Without any interaction on this page, he leaves. Since Google doesn’t know how long your visitor stayed on the second page, Google will add only the time the visitor spent on the first page to Analytics. Even not fair, right?

Well, you really can solve this issue with a free plugin  (https://wordpress.org/plugins/reduce-bounce-rate/ ). What is does? Is it good for SEO?

Surely it is not a black hat technique. This plugin will tell Google Analytics every 10 seconds that your visitor is still on the page that there was some interaction. This is so simple and Google itself recommend to use this specific event tracking system. You can learn more about event tracking here https://developers.google.com/analytics/devguides/collection/gajs/eventTrackerGuide?hl=en

So using this plugin is totally safe and it will decrease your bounce rate and improve you search appearance to Google. We are just helping google to know what your users are doing on your website and on which page he is visiting.

You see, even Google needs some help after all, right?

Hope this helps
Thanks in advance
Dr. Sabbir H

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Where NOT to put your Google Analytic Code!

5 Google Analytics Features To Better Understand Your Business

Where NOT to put your Google Analytic Code!

Do not expect rocket science English. I am not a native. What I do is solid coding 🙂

Few days ago one of my clients wanted me to put analytic code at the bottom of his website. So I had to write a log email for him. I am just gonna write this article based on that email ( you all know I am a busy man and I like to save time when I can 🙂 )

What was my clients logic?

He wanted me to make his website super fast. He read that if we place the java-script at the bottom of the page it increase page speed. Well, he was right. So what was the play here? If we place the code at the footer ( just before the </body> tag that means the code will load last. That means the page will load faster and once the page loaded the js files will be loaded. No big deal right?

Hell, no. Here is my logic

What actually analytic do? It track people on your website, what they do, how long they stay etc… ( I know, you all know about this ). Say your website loads within 10 seconds. It means if you place the analytic codes at the bottom the analytic code will load after 10 seconds of your website loaded. That means google will blind for those seconds. So it will not track any visitors data for those second and it is too bad for your SEO. Your visitors might have click a link within that 10 seconds and google will never known about it ( you see, even 10 second is here important ). Also you will loose average session duration smaller than the actual time your visitors are spending on your website.

You see my point. If you are going to save 1 second actually you are loosing more to be invisible to google 🙁 Too bad, right?

Where should I place it?

Before the <body> tag. In our WordPress themes we already applied it long ago. Visit here Appearance >> Theme Options >> General Settings >> Google Analytics Code. Just place the code as it is and you are done.

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