Understanding Email Marketing – Key strategies for success

Understanding Email Marketing – Key strategies for success

Now a day’s email marketing is becoming popular to almost all online earners considering its prospects. It is an easy way to earn huge currency with less professional and technical knowledge, even a user with the simple general technical knowledge about computer and online jobs can start it as his profession. Successful Email marketing has a higher return with lowest investment. Here you will find lots of successful strategies which has been using by several reputed companies involved in email marketing. There are many terms which are using by this industry your will get familiar with those terms as well as you will get an idea about tools which are using by professional. Finally at the end of this article you will able to create series of layouts and formats for circulation of specific emails.

Terms regarding Email marketing

Following terms mentioned bellows are used by email marketer, if you are new in this profession then acknowledgment is crucial before proceeding.

  • Bounce Rate
    It is the ratio of number of sent mail and received mail in the inbox of recipients. There are two types of bounces namely hard and soft bounces. Firstly coming to soft bouncing, it refers to occasional failure of receiving mail by recipients due to network problem form server. In this case the receiver will get email later when the problem is solved, so it is considered as less frightening. Hard bouncing is serious issue and should be taken under observation as it occurs due to the result of an invalid, closed, or non-existent email address, and If these issue is not solved manually these emails will never result in a successful delivery.
  • Delivery Rate
    Delivery rate of mail should not be less than 90 percent. Delivery rate is counted on the basis of delivered mail to recipients’ inboxes. To calculate net delivery rate both hard and soft bounces should be considered. To increase delivery rate tracking those mails is important, which continuously failing to deliver and the mail seems to be never opened by receiver. Merchants should also consider if their emails are being flagged as spam by firewalls or major ISPs, causing messages to be blocked.
  • List Growth Rate
    List Growth Rate may be defined as the rate at which the number of subscriber and reader is increasing. This is one of the vital issues for successful email marketing. Regular monitoring of growth is mandatory for knowing the strategies are doing well or not. This can be calculated simply by subtracting those who have opted-out and the hard bounces from the number of new subscribers gained in a 30 day period and divide that number by the original number of subscribers in that list.
  • Click Through Rate
    CTR may be referring as the rate at which the delivered mail are opened and clicked on an embedded link within it. To calculate the CTR you have to divide the unique number of those who opened the successfully delivered emails the total number of clicks. CTR helps the email marketer to know that how many readers are involved and interested with the materials they are sending.
  • Email Sharing
    The percentage of receiver who shares that particular email with others is important for this business. Actually social networking platforms are usually connected with the sharing tool. To enhance the sharing tendency of receiver, content of mail should be more relevant, coherent and pleasing to share in social network. If you content is attractive it will certainly attract plenty of visitors from social channel and clients will subscribe your email service thus drastically increase the reach of the message.
  • Open rate
    Open rate is the term use to indicate the proportion of opened mail to the number of total mail sent in a campaign. Most of the time it is found that email is successfully received by subscriber but they are not showing in inbox of clients. There are several factors which prevent email from receiving and showing in inbox, like email custom restriction settings by user, spam email detection tool of some mail service, mail block plugins.
  • Conversion Rate
    This term is used to describe the percentage of people is involved in doing specific task associated with the link given with mail like purchasing a product or doing a survey. Higher conversion rate indicates the engagement of higher subscriber which ultimately results in a long term relation with clients.
  • Unsubscribe Rate
    This may be defined as the negative rating of customer. Un-subscription is the withdrawn of registration and denial of receiving mail form email marketer. It generally occurs if your content of mail is not pleasant or not relevant to receiver’s choice.

Content for Email Marketing

Contents of mail vary with purpose or types of campaign. Some examples are mentioned here.

  • Service Emails
    Service mails are sent to make client conversant about update of a product or service that he previously bought. This type of mail includes content about upcoming service or that specific product, special offer or survey and similar other field.
  • E-newsletters
    E-newsletter contains in-depth information about a new product or service. This type of email usually contains an article about the topic or a link connected to that article. Some of them contain offer about free services or products.
  • Press Releases
    Press releases are mail regarding new products, services, events and prices of a specific company. This type of mail is actually used to give regular update of a specific company to make public know status of that company on regular basis.
  • Surveys
    Surveys mail is sent with the intention of knowing the customers experience about a specific product and thus making a product or service better. It is usually done by asking few simple questions.
  • Invitations
    Generally invitation is sent to acknowledge people about upcoming events or program of any company or organization. This help to build relation with new customers as well as improve relationship with old customers of a company.
  • Thank You emails
    Thank you mail is usually sent to old customer to show gratefulness to them. On the other hand it also helps to acknowledge new subscriber about yours polices, contact information and business practices. This is also a superior way to make them aware of products and services that the company readily provides.
  • Transactional Emails
    This type of mail is sent if the customer buys any product or service form a company. This mail are considered as the record for the customer as the proof of transactions. This type of mail is important as it shows how professional a company is as well as it enhance relationship between them.
  • Digests
    Digests are mails that contain full articles like newsletter. Digests give readers information in piece form so that readers get more specific idea easier and faster than reading a full article about one particular segment.
  • Lead Nurturing Emails
    Lead Nurturing Emails are emails with the sole purpose of acknowledge users why doing business with them. Specials offers and discounts may be featured in these types of emails to encourage quicker action taken by readers.
  • Email Newsletters
    Email newsletters are designed with several articles with a single goal. Newsletter campaigns are usually longer and more in-depth than digests are delivered on a specific schedule.

Permission Based Email Marketing

When subscriber want to get mail form a specific service provider and allow them to send mail through registration process it is referred to as email marketing. This is the favorite one among all the mail service as it ensures opening and reading all the mail sent by sender. Emails without permission are counted as unsolicited and finally reported as spam thus it does not hit inbox. Email without permission is generally ignored by recipients and actually does not give any positive result at all.

  • Crucial facts: You should be careful about sending mail to your clients. Always try to send relevant and specific content that is satisfying. Never send any content that is irrelevant to purpose or interest of your clients. To build up strong relationship with your subscriber always sent mail for which they have actually provided permission. You should use good email service management software which allows your subscriber to quit from service whenever they want. You may include an opinion box to asking why he is no longer interested to getting mail, by this you will able to learn how to improve service.
  • Market Analysis : There are thousands of marketing strategies are available but all of them are not equally effective for all business. Email marketing is one of the few which have been consistently using by much business organization to promote their products. Email marketing is popular media of marketing as it is proven as the best tool for building strong relationship with valuable clients of a company. According to a survey in recent few year email marketing got highest response among all other media. Day by day more companies are getting involved in email marketing after feeling its huge prospects for business. This best way to identify target clients for a specific product and achieving long lasting business plan.
  • Customer Segmentation and Targeting : Email marketing will be more efficient if you able to identify your subscriber according to their interest. After identifying clients of specific purpose you have to create a sub category for them and make sure to enlist each client in a specific category according to their interest. This is the way with which you will quickly determine the right products and services for each of your subscribers. Always classify subscribes by age group, sex, hobbies, finances, career field, purchase history and psychology. Quick determination of trends and taking action toward using those trends to attract more customers, analysis of these demographics is essential.

Email Marketing Tools & Platforms

This is the most deserving part of this article for which you are actually waiting.


It is the most trusted and most used email marketing tool which has been using by 90 percent of the merchants all over the world. Its unlimited user friendly interface, expert support and secure system have achieved the reliability of billions of user.

Some features of this popular tool:

  • Auto responder’s enablers
    This feature allows you to set a schedule time on which you want to send your mail to specific subscriber. You can arrange some emails to be sent on a specific day during a specific time or in specific intervals as you like. Your subscriber will get massage in sequence automatically from a list in series created during first sign up.
  • Email and Web Form Templates
    AWeber includes lots of customizable templates with single and multiple column layouts. This tool is easy to use by new user as well as it is perfect for advanced level user. All the user get full advantages of these templates to present professional content to subscriber.
  • Analytic tools
    AWeber comes with built in analytical tool to identify potential subscriber easily. A user can determine clients who are opening emails, clicking embedded links, and proceeding as a buyer. Analytical tool help you to segment a target group and give more focus on them to get better result. The analytical tool accumulates information to list specific group of clients by detecting IP address and analyzing information that is provided by subscribers during sign up.
  • Split Testing
    This feature enables a user to know exactly which content of an email work better than others. To execute this, you can select a group then split it into two group after that send two different of mail to different group. After monitoring the click rate and open rate you can easily find good content for a group.
  • Social Apps Integration
    This tool comes with integration of several popular social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as blogging platforms like WordPress. If you are a blogger you can combine AWeber with your RSS feed.

AWeber also integrates third party utility service like sign up from Durpal Site, clients become subscriber if use pay pal and Unbounce.


MailChimp is recognizing as the one of the best tools which has been using for email marketing over the last decades. This is a user-friendly tool for designing content with art work, managing subscribers and accomplishment from email marketing strategy. One of the best features of this tool is that it helps to manage bounced email and adjust to decrease bounce rate. MailChimp automatically removes an invalid email address if the address fails to receive mail over last five campaigns. This tool also helps to determine emails spam score using its spam filter and inbox inspector and suggest improving it as well. Mail champ allows to marge video tags to save lots of time of user of including video. You can easily detect how many subscribers are clicking links, which types of links are being clicked most as well as number of people unsubscribed. MailChimp also provides suggestions for creating subject line for each email according to its content.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a favorite tool usually used by professional email marketer. It is featured with lots of customization useful for both inexperienced and advanced designer. You can use your own HTML design in its custom template. This tool also helps you to identify potential clients and strategies.

All the email management software includes analytical option within it. So you will able to know which type of content should be used and with setting is best. An email gets satisfactory result if it is send with correct designation, design and alignment.

Some aspect that should keep in mind:

  • Which day of the week gets highest open rate
  • Time of the when you get most click on links
  • Types of subject works best
  • Time of the day best form deliver newsletter campaign
  • Name and form of company for which you are working

Beneficial Tips and Tricks

  • You should be careful about you subject line. Most of the popular email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, Alo etc. includes lots of filter option to prevent spam mail.
  • List of word which trigger filter are
    • Free
    • Act now
    • All new
    • 100 % off
    • Call now
    • Earn money
    • Double your income
    • You’re a winner
    • Cash bonus
    • While supplies last
    • Why pay more
    • Excesses use of punctuation marks and symbols and capital letters
  • Always use the words with which all the user is acquainted.
  • Avoid writing about gambling, alcohol, weapons, pirated materials, obscene language, vulgar actions of violence, pornography, and escort services and how illegal business does.
  • Animation and video tag with template can improve click rate of embedded link. So try this one for your subscriber as it is
  • proved as effective tool for engaging viewers.
  • Don’t use false or misleading header information
  • Don’t use false or misleading subject line
  • Treat the message as a separate advertisement
  • Tell the recipients sender identification and location
  • Inform the users how to unsubscribe from the email alerts
  • Honor opted out users and don not send them any emails thereafter

Some Efficient Ways for Assembling Email list

After a test campaign with proper testing and analyzing you can easily find creative and effective ways to build potential email lists that are unique to you company and brand. Here you will get set of rules for building their lists which has been using by successful merchants regularly.

  • Sign up forms with an incentive
    Add incentive with sign up form. Incentive can be anything like eBooks, Videos, Discount on any service which will get by user after confirming their registration with you Emil service.
  • Email swaps
    It collaborates two different group who agreed to mail each other’s list. Each group should have similar subscriber.
  • Purchase solo ads or sponsored emails
    It is a nice way to get list of targeted clients of others. Through a little investment on this could create a brand.
  • Being a guest blogger
    If you act as a guest blogger in several blogs and you have lots of popular article or helpful tips with that blog then you can easily get huge a list by inviting them.
  • Start a blog
    You can also start a blog and share popular and informative information to them. Some advanced tool can be added to influence more visitors of your site to subscribe.
  • Webinars, online seminars, and other virtual platform
    Webinars, online seminars and training is a nice way to get lots of people for subscription. Much like guest blogging and podcasting, virtual live trainings help build the authority needed for growth of any merchant and brand.
  • Pay-per-lead marketing
    Take help form paid merchant service provider who are highly experienced, to collect subscriber list. They will also help you to learn the effective ways they found throughout their lifetime.
  • Ask subscribers to share
    Simply ask your client to share your content with his friends using social media tool .If your content is relevant and useful to that specific subscriber he will certainly do it for you.
  • Run a contest or raffle
    This is another effective tools sustaining over the year as it is proven to attract large number of subscriber. Sometimes subscriber may allow sending mail to merchant but after few days they forget it. So use a double opt-in option and always sent mail for which he actually registered.

Blacklist and Spam

Literally blacklist is the list which is known as blocked form specific service or task being received. It may include email addresses, domains, and IP addresses that the provider has entered into blacklist. Spam is a mail form sender that is actually reluctant to receive.


Email marketing is a sophisticated and reasonable way for any business organizations to engage with clients as well as building strong relationship with them. A healthy strategy with good management system will bring deserve result.

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