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WordPress Image Optimization Service is Free with WpMania 24/7 WordPress Website Maintenance Subscription

Website maintenance is the act of regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. This should be done on a consistent basis in order to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings. 

WordPress Image Optimization Service


Image optimization is one of the key factor to make your site look alive and load faster. Not to mention a optimize image also play a vital role for search engine ranking. It is tedious work and something you might find yourself in had position to do it yourself. But fear no more, we will help you to do it.

We’ll start working within 24 hours after payment confirmation. The deadline varies based on the complexity of the task.

This WordPress Image Optimization service is for you if:
+ You don’t want to fuss with WordPress, and would rather spend time building an empire than building a website.
+ You already have a domain & hosting account with WordPress installed.

WordPress Image Optimization Service FAQs

Our WordPress Image Optimization Service includes… 

  • Applying Lazy-load to your images.
  • Optimize the images to reduce the size with loose-less technology. So your images will be light to load without compromising the look and feel.
  • Creating Webp version of your images and add them to your site. This is image format created by google back in 2010 and has great impact on your search ranking.
  • Adding appropriate alt tags to your images.

It is hard to get your an exact time-frame but one thing we can ensure that  we will start working within 24 hours from the time of payment( as long as all the login information is provided correctly.)  Please note that theme installations are only performed from Monday-Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. In that case, your theme installation will be completed on the following business day. To get an exact time, we recommend to contact us first before your place an order. 

Following are the information are required for WordPress Image Optimization Service …

  • Hosting Cpanel/Control Panel credentials (to make changes in the files)
  • Hosting FTP credentials (to make changes in the files)
  • WordPress admin credentials

Customer Feedback

I've searched a great while looking for a diversified theme that is easy to to work and can be edited to fit many of my client's needs. I found this in WPMania themes. I'll admit, being a newbie with WP, it was hard at first taking the time to understand the admin area, but working with it daily I finally started to figure how it worked... and I only just stole this theme just a few days ago for only few bucks. Long story short.... I've been on the internet for the last 15+ years creating an income for myself or at least trying.  And all these years I have NEVER received such awesome support like I have with WpMania! I think I overstepped my bounds in as far as how much support one is to get, but I got a lot and because of it, was able to create a website with this WpMania theme that my client loves! I'm a loyal client and sometimes money is not an issue when determining who I do business with. Support is the #1 thing I look for prior to making commitments and I tell you, I do Not think I'll find better support anywhere. You can bet your last dollar when WpMania has further offers, I'll be looking at them, because if/when I need help, I will get the best and fastest support a person can expect. The flexibility of this theme and determining if I should buy was a no-brainier after reading the offer. Thank you WpMania! (wp professional(yeah, right!))

~ LastWarrior ~

Offline and online Entrepreneur

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