Advertising is indispensable for growing any business but using the popular traditional advertising media are expensive requires enormous budget which may feel as burden for freelancer and small business owners. Fortunately there are lots of places where you can promote your enterprise for free. Without spending a single penny you can follow the savvy marketing strategy we are about to discuss here.

10 Free Ways to Promote Your Business Locally

Advertise your business Locally – For Free!!

  1. You Must Ensure Your Website have Value for Others: It does not matter whether your business is local or intentional your website should design in a way that it can be easily identified and navigate smoothly. You need to follow some basic rules including maintaining quality of content, focus on specific goal, make it intuitive for target ordinance, appropriate representation of brand, ensure SEO, integration of social media and optimize website for mobile user.
  2. Provide Emphasis on Blogging: Blogging could increase the chance of being noticed by your audience out there as because Google and other search engine crawl informative and beneficial content and consider them as a parameter to create raking for niche websites. So it widely important that your develop quality content and post them regularly on your blog. In addition with SEO needs regular update with new content let you interact with your potential clients and make them aware about your dedication and care which ultimately lead to have conversion.  Make sure that your website has social sharing buttons so the visitors can share them with their near one and this will let your post viral thus more people will discover your brand.
  3. Make Sure that You Arrange a Press Release Each Month: Get in touched with printing media of your locality and ask for opportunity if they have any option to capture your business details and create features on them. Publishing features on your business will give you a boost in your business by increasing the number of new local clients. You need to develop a healthy relationship with the editorial and journalist to convince them for writing on your business.
  4. Focus on Email Marketing Strategy: You can use email marketing software like MailChimp to design and to send email to potential clients this strategy will enable you to track and understand needs of your clients. For getting higher advantage from email marking strategy you will need to grow the database on regular basis. Encourage visitors of your website to sign up for email service.
  5. Utilize Video Content as Marketing Element: YouTube is second most visited website on web. So, why not we take the opportunity to leverage video marketing? You can create video on your offers and services that your business offers and post them on Youtube for free. After that you need to embed code of the video on your website. In this way you will be able to fetch clients from your tube channel to your website.
  6. Index Your Organization on Local Directories: Register with popular local directories is on of the important free way since adding the name of your organization in local directory will help your clients find you easily on webs.  Ensure that you include details about your business but in concise form. The most popular directories are Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing, YellowBook, Linkedln and more.
  7. Try to Proactive on Social Media Platform: You can undoubtedly use popular social media to share your blog content and fetch your target audience group by engaged with them for different session. This a impressive way to get noticed faster. You can create different events, online program and these will let you interact with your desired clients group. You will find Facebook, Twitter, Google+ quite helpful for your social media activity.
  8. Having a Verified Profile with Google+ Local: Google+ Local is a beautiful way to have a remark on Google map about the physical position of your company office location. Google will send a pin number by post to you physical address as soon as you get registered, you need to enter then pin on the listing and start enjoying advantages. This strategy literally does a lot of sense and make sure that you appear on local search. Moreover the service is completely free and it is an opportunity to connect Google+ profile to your Google+ Local listing. However, you can get the pin immediately though mobile number.
  9.  Start Local Networking Events: The most suitable way to grow your business is developing network and start marking on that channel. Take part in conversation, events, seminar, business show, programmer arranged by business community of your region.
  10. Be a guest Writer on Others Website: Writing on other popular website of your niche can get you some level of achievements. Basically it is a true way to fetch great number of clients since your loyal readers will always follow you even you are not the mother site. You can mention the name of your site at the end of the writing. Therefore, if you gain trust of visitors then this can get you enormous business right away.

So no more waiting, you have all freedom to advertise your business with some or all of the shown ways. You will find more valuable tips on doing business online on our blog, have look!!

Effect of Website’s Loading Speed on SEO

We know that the algorithms Google follows for creating ranking page are complex and Google updates it every day. In past, Google crawler provided emphasis on keywords, domain, content, inbound links and similar others to determine the raking of any website. Presently, speed of the page is also considering as an important parameter while Google creates ranking result. Literally this new change has introduced couple of years ago. Therefore web developer, webmaster and website owner are too much concern about the speed of their website.

According to the Head of Google webspam team Matt Cutts, Google ranks websites lower which are relatively slow than others website of same niche. So it is obvious that the slower you the lower your raking will be. It seems that speed factors is a pitfall for webmaster who are struggling with the raking even they are putting lots of efforts like unique content and optimized design. If we try to see what Google wants from us is nothing but the user experience. Websites with poor performance are less affectionate to Google algorithms since they have poor use experience trait. Actually Google always focus on serving best experience to audience.

It is true that Google never defined any specific loading time that a website should have to get better result for raking however for sure the render time play vital role for raking issue. Render time refers to the time required for showing textual content, images, media files and banners. Loading time is equally crucial for mobile and desktop search thus your site should be friendly for mobile devices as well. In a nutshell, to get better raking with search engines you must make sure that your website will load fast regardless of device of visitors.

Page speed depends on some factors; here you will get some ideas about this:

Hosting: you can’t expect better performance from a cheap host as because cheap hosting site has low seep performance.

Theme:  Too much complex themes with heavy coding takes relatively more time than others.

Advertisements: Too much ads not only bother visitors but also lower page speed.

Images: High definition images can lower the speed of page greatly. It is better to use PNG file which have better quality but low weight.

Widgets: Widgets like calendars, social button and comment area could affect speed of the page.

Embedded Video:  Video of outside hosting can lower the speed and this could reduce by hosting video on own site.

So you have already realized that how much important the page speed is and which factors are playing crucial role behind the speed of your page. So it is high time you should focus on optimizing speed of your website and blog in instance to have positive impact on search ranking.

Everything You Need to Dominate Local Searches

Local search optimization of your business website could enhance your business greatly if your business is oriented mostly to local customer of your area. Improved performance of your site for local search can get you enormous profit through giving you more business. Throughout the article we will show you many effective ways of optimizing a business website which you could follow to dominate local search. It is apparent that if you follow the following strategy eventually you will able to occupy top place in the Google’s page raking.

Finally, optimizing website for local search is crucial fact to boost your business and now way to ignore this if you want to have highest advantage of search engine. And If you follow the above mentioned tactic you might not lose the traffic of your region as well as your raking with google will be better than earlier.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Ignore Optimizing Your Site For Yahoo & Bing

When the question of search engine optimization arises most of the webmaster think about the search giant Google since Google gets about 6 billion search every day.   It is obvious that optimizing your site for Google will bring you huge success but why you should miss the opportunity of getting about 30 % of the visitors that the relatively small search engines like Yahoo and Bing could bring to your website.  Today we will briefly explain the reasons why you should make your site friendly for Yahoo and Bing that many of the webmasters and bloggers never considered. The under mentioned causes are considered vital for which you need to optimize your site for other small search engines.

  1. Google change its algorithms over the time thus the top ranked website of today may get down in search result tomorrow. Therefore spending your most valuable time for optimizing only the Google may lead to drastic reduction of traffic. On the other hand if you optimize your site for Google, Yahoo and Bing. By doing this you may not supposed to lose the greater number of traffic.
  2. Optimizing your site for Yahoo will boost you SEO needs since Yahoo is powered by Bing. So working with the SEO strategy of one will get you advantage of boosting SEO for other.
  3. Old sites are usually ignored by the updated algorithm policy of Google on the other hand Bing loves old official form of website like .gov, .edu  and .org so you can have greater SEO results if you are webmaster of such kinds of websites.
  4. You could have greater results with easer efforts on indexing flash media if you optimized your website for Bing.
  5. Small, medium and relatively less recognized enterprise is ignored by Google when Google creates result for ranking page. That’s why optimizing websites of newly establish business or small business arena for Bing could favor largely enhancing your business. Consequently once your business is established with the support of Bing in future you will able to get attention of Google too.

In fine, though lion’s share of the traffic is served by Google, we can’t avoid the importance of Bing and Yahoo since they also comprise a handsome number of traffic on web and help to grow authority of many website.

Top 10 Deadly SEO Mistakes Which May Risk Your Google Ranking

Achieving highest ranking with the search giant Google is literally a dream of every website owner always. To be frank actually above 90% of the visitors usually visit the first page of the search result.  Beginners sometimes do some mistake while working with SEO since they are exactly not conscious about the killing factors. Basically SEO mistakes are very common with new web developer due to less knowledge and relatively less understanding level of the fundamental tactics like metadata, keywords, tagging, on-page copy and more other similar facts. Today we are about to make you acknowledge about some the bad practices that you must avoid to reduce the risk of losing your rank.

Final Words

These are the common mistakes which beginners usually does, even some professional experienced webmaster sometimes miss to follow some of these. So if you cordially follow this guide consequently you will able to make your place top on the search page.

How To Add Images Right Way For Your WordPress Blog or Pages

Plenty of advice you will find on web about utilization of images to exploit the SEO. But you have to decide which you should follow and which should be avoided. Tons of images are flooding the web but all of them are not suitable for SEO strategy. This article will tell you how you should use images for your content to get advantage of SEO and how you could avoid the risk of copy right issue.

So using appropriate images for your content makes lots of sense for blogging. Do you have any prudent opinion about this topic? You can share your ideas with us. Don’t forget to leave a comment.

5 Effective Ways to Create WordPress Website Optimized for Social Media

Social media helps to boost the growth of business and increase the traffic and conversion. That’s why this platform is utilizing by digital marketers greatly to increase the overall ranking of website.  To explore the power of social network you need to link your website with popular social media websites. The fact is important since if your website is properly optimized with social media network it will let you expand visibility of your site and will increase the awareness in efficient approach.

Finally, hope you have already understood the strategies that you should follow to make your website friendly with social media platform to increase your traffic and to boost your sales greatly. If you have any updated idea about utilizing social media more intensively please share with us.

7 Common SEO Lies & BS You Must Ignore

As we know SEO is indispensable part of gaining potential clients and promoting any website. There are lot of SEO consultancy firm out there and doing huge business in their sector. Unfortunately no governing body or regulatory authority is here that provides crtificate or recognition about SEO experts. That’s why market is full of armature and fraud SEO service provider. You will surprise to learn that the WordPress community is even unprofessional. They have lots of wrong and outdated concept about basic needs of SEO. So the real situation is, lots of SEO service providers are providing service without knowing anything, do you think it could bring positive result? It is literally hand for website owner to identify who really has knowledge about SEO.

Guess what, we are about to share our in depth ideas about SEO lies that you must avoid.

Doing Wrong With SEO is Bad for You

If you are working with SEO then you might have knowledge that if the webmaster forgets about 301 redirect or flood the site with rich anchor text then it could harm the algorithm of search engines and all your attempts will end in smoke. Because of wrong approach your website may be removed from search engine’s ranking and kill your revenue by preventing potential client to reach your site.

WordPress Plugins is Merely Not Enough for SEO

Many webmaster believe that WordPress SEO plugins like Yoast SEO is just a green signal for WordPress website. To be frank a SEO plugin actually dons not generate SEO since it just a tool that somehow help to improve SEO efforts but not that much.  SEO plugin only covers a very small part of your entire SEO needs. Whereas real search engine optimization comprises lots of activities including content generation, keyword mapping, tagging, meta description, site mapping. And it’s really needed to spend tons of time for planning and execution of the process. SEO tool will only help you to do some research on the planning of SEO.

BS out of SEO

Some real words about SEO are included here that you must believe

  1. SEO is complex
  2. SEO efforts takes long time to produce result
  3. SEO needs developing plan and their implementation
  4. SEO needs the owner also work for it
  5. SEO is not a magic it requires education
  6. SEO experts need to have in depth knowledge about the clients industry
  7. SEO shows best result when user experience get priority in website designing

Final words

Unfortunately WordPress world is filled with unethical SEO experts. Actually this industry has very little number of good consultants. So it is better to make you educated so that you can manage your SEO efforts personally. Success in SEO is all about learning, planning, execution and diligence.

5 Google Analytics Features To Better Understand Your Business

Google analytics is one of the most popular Google’s services that millions of webmasters are using over the decades.  To be frank, it’s a pretty cool premium service which provides service for free of cost to its clients. We often think it is just a tracker and generates report for websites traffic but literally it’s not just all.  Google also provides premium analytics service for its subscriber oriented to enterprise user and additional service for mobile apps and SDK.

If you have a business website you must need to use analytics features to drive large number of traffic to your site. After completing this article you will able to know how Google analytics helps user to optimize its business.

    1. It helps to determine origin of your traffic
      You might have already identified that Google analytics shows how many visitors you are getting everyday with their country of origins. It will help you largely to manage your advertisement you want to show on your site since you know your visitors. You will find it under visitors menu.
    2. You will able to learn which keywords fetching you visitors
      If you able to know which keywords are brining your visitors to your site it will help you greatly to ranked higher in future. It is apparent that you can exploit the features to add more related content to your site to achieve more potential clients. Along with this the identification of least searched keywords will help you to improve the number of quality content. This tracking option can be enabled from search settings tab under the profile settings menu.
    3. It makes you learn bounce rate of the website and average time spent
      This feature basically helps website owners to identify which pages are performing best. The status of bounce rate and average time spent actually provides clue about most popular content of your page.  So you can make sure that your website will have more similar content by taking advantage of it.
    4. It helps to identify the Devices your visitors are on
      Under the visitors menu you will find mobile visitors option and this feature will shows number of visitors you are getting from mobile and visitors from desktop. If your site has large number of visitors from mobile devices then you will need to have a separate mobile website or a responsive site which will perform better for mobile devices.
    5. Helps to identify Shopping Carts abandoned Stage
      Google analytics has professional determination features which lets you tack where most the visitors are giving up. Many potential clients leave if the checkout steps are too long. So you will able to take necessary steps to reduce the time duration for checkout process and will able to increase you sell as well.

In fine, Google Analytics could be your best assistant if you mage to utilize it perfectly.  Each top ranked websites owner found to use Google Analytics. To achieve the desired goal with traffic, installation is not enough along with this you must need to identify the loopholes and inferiors parts your site.

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